Monday, August 2, 2010

Repo Men

In the future 2025, there won’t be need for long waits to get an organ donor cause Artificial Organ (Artifogs) production have been perfected and can be obtained - at a price. They can be bought outright or on a loan. If your repayments are late, here comes the Repossession men (Jude Law and Forest Whitaker) to yank your organs off you…. literally.
Then Repo man Remy (Jude Law) is given a new heart and gets to be on the receiving end of the Union Coy tactics.
WoW: The utter gruesomeness of this movie? It gives a new meaning to brutal and grim. The Repo men just rip the organ out and leave the person to die.
I mean when you repossess a heart what’s next if not death? Surgery isn’t done under anesthesia nor sanitary conditions. (The ex-medical student in me shudders with horror).
Notwithstanding, Jude and Forest gave undeniably solid performances.
Urgh: A disturbing story which begs answers? What was the gain for the Union in making organs which ultimately were unaffordable by the users? Remy falls in love so soon after his wife left him? – yet he was supposed to be hung-over about the separation? The son who taser-ed his mom?
Then the twist in the twist?? Remy loses both ways anyway.
Why did Remy’s wife’s character have to be such a termagant?? It was uncalled for. Did not make sense to paint her like that.
Do go ahead and watch if you have the stomach for grim. Maybe someone can answer the questions or see it in another perspective.
Ginger scores it 5.4/10


  1. I had given this movie a complete miss... Didn't even feel interested in reading the promos... But it looks like an interesting theme... Not a practical/ probable future, but an interesting angle nevertheless. I'll definitely give it a watch... :)

  2. Hammy! how could you give grey-eyed Jude Law a miss?? ;)
    I'm not so sure about it being improbable - I hate to see what's going on behind scenes in the Laboratories!



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