Friday, August 6, 2010

Seekers are finders!

In the meme that tagged me, I mentioned that
#18. One thing about me that nobody knows is ...... about once a month I Google search my 1st boyfriend’s name. I feel like a stalker but I can’t understand how someone can just fall off the face of the earth. He reminds me of happy times.

And guess what ?? I have found him!!!!!!!
Not long after that post, I did my searchy thing again and his name came up on a list of people qualified to take a professional exam in the UK. I checked the date and found out the list was put up just 24 hrs ago bingo!
I found the contact email for the professional body and sent them an email asking them to please either send me his mail or forward my “where are you” mail to him. They did the latter and he responded 18 hrs after. We’ve been exchanging mails since then.
Annoying thing is he’s found me out on Facebook and so knows what I look like (15 yrs after!). But I don’t know what he looks like cos he’s not on any social network. Grrr.
Well that’s that.
Psst. Psst. Errr, where you expecting more? Rekindled romance and batty things like that? Naaa. Like I told him, “I just like knowing where all my chickens are”.


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  2. I LOVE IT! Knowing where your chickens are.... love it love it love it!

  3. Hmmm *stuttering* so, you asked him out?



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