Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just finished watching Splice and I had to blog about it now that its awesomeness is still oozing outta me.
Part Sci-fi, part drama, part thriller, all human and daring to the end in its plotting. Splice raises all the questions we ask deep inside whenever a new scientific discovery comes out. “What went on behind the lab doors?” or tell me you never wondered with all the ‘clone this’/ ‘clone that’??
Plot: Clive Nicoli (Adrien Brody) and Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley) are two brilliant genetic engineers/lovers who have successfully spliced together the DNA of different animals to create incredible new hybrid animals. Their success motivates them to blend human DNA with that of other animals to create a hybrid that could revolutionize science and medicine. But this is against the wishes of the pharmaceutical company that funds their research. Though Clive initially rejects the idea of actually bringing the hybrid to term, Elsa pushes the issue and persuades Clive to go along with it, in continued secrecy. They name their creature; a half human, half animal female, Dren.
Wow: Splice had me in conflicts. It was right and wrong on soooo many levels. First ‘What was Elsa thinking?”.
The wrong decision was from inception….letting that creature live.
Elsa’s characterisation was superb. Unstable. Driven. Curious. And I liked that they maintained her “what’s the worse that can happen?’ outlook to the end.
Dren was fascinating on so many levels. I guess a scientist…or anyone with even a mildly enquiring mind would have done wht Elsa did. But she blurred the lines too deeply.    You either treat her like an experimental animal or human child. By confusing her for the child she wanted she nurtured and developed latent human emotions – affection, sexuality, intelligence, hatred, pain, revenge - in Dren which led to her undoing. Eg. When Dren threatened her, her reaction was so human – yet soo wrong. Elsa should have just killed Dren then (as she should have so many times before) rather than turning against her in such a vicious ‘vengeful’ way. She blurred the line.
Urgh: Dren could have still turned monster-male without the wings in line with developmental progress already intimated. While the rape of Elsa was apt, the outright killing of Clive and the others didn’t make sense. Maybe in self defence or over a fight for Elsa you know, a kinda male territorial thing. With the killing spree, It looked like the script writers were lost for direction on how to eliminate Dren or they suddenly remembered it was meant to be horror. Ha!
I would have given this movie a 9/10 but that clichéd ending just did it in.
For that I give it a 7.5/10.
The special effects was good strike that excellent. I had to check to see if Dren was all CGI or human. She was mainly human Abigail Chu as the child and Delphine Cheaneac as the adult. Thumbs up both of you!

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