Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They dont make them like this anymore - Expendables

Just saw Expendables and thought it was a really fun watch.
Plot: A team of mercenaries were hired by the CIA to rid a south American country Valiena of its dictator-leader and the American ex CIA gone rogue…who he is hobnobbing with to keep his country under his thumbs.
Wow: They don’t make action movies like this anymore. Simple storyline – good guys vs nasty guys. Sprinkle in some pretty girls and romance to sweeten the deal.  Plenty brawn, gun fights and knife fights. No sophisticated guns and bombs, brawn, no complex computer graphics or clutter. Just BOOM BOOM KAZOO BAM and fantastic fight scenes.
Did I forget ….Fun dialogue
“What’s he saying
He just said ‘we are dead’ with an accent”
Sly spoke so much, he made up for all his 5 sentence movies within 20 mins of Expendables. And that Six pack he had on looked downright sinful for a 64 yr old!
Urgh: The sound editing was kinda poor. Especially in the battles. Yes guns are meant to be noisy we know but hell, I am a bit deaf here.
The CGI-ed blow ups were a bit too much. They said 'kill the Dictator' not destroy the country’s infrastructure. The citizens are not going to say “thank you”, you know. Reminds me of all the things wrong with Western interference in a small country’s war. Ok Ginger shush.

With an unknown cast I would have rated this movie a 6/10. But it was kinda nostalgic seeing Stallone, Lundgren, even Willis and Arnold Schwarzo (Can’t remember the spelling of his name anymore) made a cameo appearance.
Then throw in my man, Jason Stratham, Jet li, Mickey Rourke and Terry Crews… yep they are fast becoming hollywood’s expendable action guys too. Old age and all. So Ginger generously rates this 7/10
Gossip: Heard Van Damme was supposed to be in this..but he said no thank you. I want a more fleshed out character. Something like that. Ha haha evil laugh. He missed.
Why am I seeing pictures of Forest Whitaker on posters. Was he supposed to act the part of Terry Crew? Hope not..
Did Sly have some face tucks (*wink, wink*)? His face was looking a bit too firm and unlined for me. *green eyed*


  1. LOL, are you green eyed with envy over this unlined face? Ok I'm not the biggest movie buff so I haven't seen this (surprise, surprise).

  2. The expendables title reminds me of the "expendable crew mates" or "red shirts" on Star Trek. Funny!

  3. I saw one clip where Jet Li told Sly "I'm little" and for that alone I want to see this flick! Nice write up, Ginger!

  4. @Mgbeks - Girl, I will give up the movie watching for a real life Kuwait trip like you did any day, thank you.

    @Katharine - lol. Thankfully these Expendables did not have the luck of the red shirts. I think they broke the jinx!

    @Thanks Mom. The dialogue was 'realtime' and really funny. Yes, you should see it. but wait till Dad comes back. He'd love it too.

  5. I am looking forward to watching this. Quentin Tarantino directed this right? QT is a mad man. A mad man I really like. Too bad he steals storylines from Asian film makers.

  6. LucidLuv, Sylvester Stallone directed....It's too simple a plot for Quentin.
    Steals storylines from Asian film makers?? lol



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