Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things you get up to on a Saturday

I got coerced into attending one of those single seminars which are ever so popular in Lagos. I got talking with a girlfriend from the University after I reached out to her on her birthday a fortnight ago.
She badgered me into hooking up with her asap.  No problem for me but I insisted that we meet at some central location. She suggested the Singles seminar organized by the Christian Org. she works for. You might have heard of the Pastor – Chris Ojigbani. I usually avoid these types of seminars. That I am unmarried is not a problem to me that needs redemption.
But to see her I swallowed my apathy. Back in the University we were seat mates for 3 years. Got into all sorts of mischief with the lecturers. Supported each other through that 6 yr course. Yep I could make some sacrifices.
FFWD: 1.5 hours in traffic, 2 hrs of preaching, I only got to see girlfriend for 5mins cause she was busy assisting the Speaker directly. Oh well I got to ‘see’ her won’t complain. I also got 5 important messages:
Pray and believe: remember It will be done to you according to your faith.
Have the confidence that whenever you pray with faith God hears you.
You only have confidence before God when your heart does not condemn you.
Your heart will not condemn you if you are blameless before God.
No marriage or partner is bad, You are the one who can make your marriage good by working on it .

My Sandaled Feet:
These cute sandals were given to me earlier this week by Anjie: Thanks love. I miss you so!
They originally came with their own buckled leather straps but these wouldn’t go round my huge ankles. Fast forward today, I am outta casual foot wear and needed one badly. So I picked up the sandals again, removed their straps, cut the black ribbons off an old top, looped it through and tra la la:
Did I mention that though I wear a small dress size the opposite can be said for my feet? sigh

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