Friday, August 27, 2010

An Update of Sorts

Hey. This was one busy week. Big Sis Deb is in town (from Abuja) staying at her friend – Aunty PD's on the opposite side of Lekki. I had to shuffle my schedule to make out time to visit with her
Are those lips sending me a smoochie or sucking lemons?
plus some baby-sitting for Aunty PD's baby boy. It’s good to have family around.
Talk about walking on pedestals!
I got these lovely Katie and Kelly sandals from her. Thanks Sis. Did she forget I was tall?? And have vertically challenged boyfriends? (you know
I wore my favourite high waist skirt today. And my thighs rubbed against themselves all day long. I ‘ve had that skirt for 18 months and never experienced that so I guess….I’m adding some weight. Yipee!


  1. I love love love those shoes! And never complain when there is more of you to love, Ginger! That little one has sweet lips!

  2. 'more of me to love'. hmmm. I love that and I am borrowing it!
    I love the shoes too. I really think heels are sexy but these I need to practise walking with I guess; so I don't fall on my face!

  3. Don't you go falling in those shoes! That would ruin the sexy look real fast. Well, unless you can manage to fall "cute" and have some handsome dude help you up!



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