Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beware of Geezers bearing gifts

I met up with this pleasant well mannered man (Mr J) who I used to be his account officer with my bank back in the days in a local flight back in Nigeria.  He was a widow back then but during our in-flight conversation I found out he had remarried. In fact I met with the pretty new wife post flight when I hitched  a ride with them into the city. He had sort of tried to ask me out back then…but hey older men weren’t my stuff so we remained friends.
I also found out he was he was coming to London for a 3 week training around when I’ll be there.
We agreed to hook up somewhat.
So Mr J’s in London and we exchange calls. He gives me sagely advice about rehabilitation blah blah. Nothing unnecessarily personal. Then his training is over and he has a week to play and he asks…’Why don’t you come over to London. Let me show you the sights’
Hmm sounded good. And I had a long weekend coming (My Friday class was cancelled) and I could fix in visits to other friends in London too, right?
I checked the train schedules and fares were like 100 pounds and I wondered..Was a day’s trip to London worth a 100 pounds, poor student that I am?
Mr. J says ‘Don’t worry I will take care of it’. Oh excellent.
The plan was get into London by noon and leave for Birmingham by evening since it was nearer and return to Durham on Sunday.
On Thursday evening, being a very practical gal I asked, ‘So what’s the itinerary like? Where are we going?
Don’t worry I will surprise you’
Ok. But do remember I leave by 5pm. So don’t let us wander too far.
There’s a pause..’I’m not comfortable with that’.
Really? Why?
‘I wish I could spend more time with you’. My wires are on the alert’ but I shushed them.
Next morning. I woke up at 7.30am struggled to bath. Dress up and pack my bag. Note: It consisted mainly of my books! ha!
I was still dilly dallying and next thing I knew it was 10.10am. Feeling sort of peeved that Mr. J had not called to ask if I was aboard a train.
I called and peevishly asked for the itinerary again.
And he says , Why do you keep stressing about time. I‘ve booked us a hotel room. You are leaving Saturday morning or preferably Sunday afternoon aren’t you?.
Ehhhh No. Thanks but no thanks.
Dear Lord, save me from Naivete and thank you for peevishness.

P.S. Just found out that the term "Geezer" has different meanings in the UK and US.
In the U.K.: A guy, a bloke, a person in general. The British equivalent of the American slang word "dude".
In the U.S.: An old man, particularly one who is either cranky or eccentric. Rather derogatory term.
Ginger’s definition: A man suffering from mid life crisis.


  1. Tufia for some married men. Kudos to you for being on your ps and qs.

  2. Ginger I'm just glad you saved the 100 pounds and trip to see the dirty old man. What a wanker! And I'm sure his generous offers would not have come to pass when you refused his advances. If Dad and I come over, you can come and see us knowing we are not after your virtue.

  3. @Thanks Anonymous. I should have known better really.
    @Mom, I felt so silly. What I hated most was the dishonesty. real wanker!

  4. Can you even begin to imagine!? He did what? What nonsense! Some razz girl woulda slapped the taste outta his mouth for even thinking that. Don't mind him ok? Take care girl!

  5. I wish I could be razz and do the slap bit. maybe kickbox him in his gut.

  6. Ginger lets be practical here. A 'MARRIED' man offers to reimburse you a 100 quid ticket into London (especially when you noted he has asked you out before) it didnt come as a surprise that he wanted some hotel time. There is no free lunch. No free lunch. Even if he were single and had offered to pay your ticket he would still expect something in return unless he is your best friend, brother, Uncle or Father.

  7. LOL @Mamuje.

    But the guy is cheap sha. Just 100 pounds and he's flexing...no be small mid-life crisis.

  8. Mamuje: I hear you!
    Myne: See me see wahala. lol
    Thanks for stopping by M&M..

  9. It's like me maluding my suga without knowing what to come.. when he said I'd surprise you.. I knew he wanted to stuff you with some dick. That is how it is with these guys.

  10. "A man suffering from mid life crisis." young or old?

  11. Wow...something similar happened to me. I was ready and willing to fly to minneapolis to see this family friend and his family, until he insisted on putting up in a hotel and not telling his wife I was around.

    maka why?

  12. Oh dear Lucid. you don't say???!! Ewwww. That's really irky. Poor you. hope you put him in his place. dirty old geezers. Always looking for a bit on the side.



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