Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Big Lebowski

I haven’t forgotten movie reviews Blog family. Serious. Got so many cool movies lined up to tell you about. And I know you trust me to tell you where to put your money right? So have you seen The Big Lebowski? Movie is actually a cult wasn't when it was first released. Infact it actually bombed at the US box office. But over time it become a cult favorite with devotees to all things Lebowski - bowling, swearing and marijuana too...l
The Plot: A name mix up between a bum called Dude and a millionaire, a ruined carpet which ties the room together, a kidnapped trophy wife, a ransom note, an amputated toe with green polish and a bowling team of bummers with names like Jesus and Donny .
Wow: Effin’ awesomely hilarious.
Dude(Jeff Bridges) and his bum friends with their blathering, limited vocabulary and habit of making unfinished sentences -well except Cranky Walter(John Goodman)- will make you want to physically belt some sense into them. The stellar soundtrack/the unconventional dialogue, the surreal dream sequences...sic. Its slow paced but that's understandable and crucial for
the development of the slacker lifestyle of these chaps.
Urgh: You might need some patience to watch this and ear muffs cause every sentence comes with a cuss word. And the guys are really annoying.
Best scenes: The gate-away after the ransom delivery, oh and at the funeral parlor picking up D’s urn of ashes!
Ginger scores it: 8.6/10  
Lebowski says “Yeah well, that’s just, ya know, like, your opinion, man.”
If you’ve seen it -  it’s 12 yrs old you know – did you like it as much?


  1. We watch this silly movie every chance we get. Alex even quotes from it. I love it!

  2. I will have to see the movie. I love crazy movies like that and i really could use a good laugh. Take care.

  3. I really like the movie, yeah! It's crazy lol. I loved loved the dialogue.




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