Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did I do anything stupid last night?

It’s a long post. Mea culpa!
Although I broke off my London date with Mr. J, I was still in travel mode, so I decided to go on to Birmingham. I loved the bustle of that city. My host was someone I have known for ages. No long stories.
So, dear friend just got his PG results and he and friends decided to go out and celebrate. I was invited to tag along.
First to a Sushi bar wherein I disgraced myself and asked for the most cooked looking meal on their ‘other’ menu. The nearest to uncooked I eat is salads. Thank you very much.
Kay, Kweku and Chica (the other gal) polished 2 bottles of wine btw ‘em. Henry and I sipped cokes. A lot of gist and ribbing in between.
We left around 10pm when the cleaning ladies started sweeping around our feet.
Then off for a spot of dancing..the night was still young and Rocket was the place! The music mix was British and Dance hall Oldies - 'Return of the Mack' era.
Chica (the other gal) was a great dancer. Kweku was a boneless mad dancer. Ginger acquitted herself too. *wink.
The wine drinking continued for those who could. 4 more bottles downed.
By 1 am, Kay and Chica were starring deeply drunkenly into each other’s eyes, giggling.
By 1.30am, Kay was dancing with male, female, pole....ok I exaggerate. But we were generally avoiding him.
By 1.45, He waylaid this guy who was buying bouquets of flowers and spent an inordinate amount of time drunkenly counting out pennies to pay him. Thankfully a female was the recipient, not some random male.
By 2.15am I was aching and tired but no! my newly graduated friends were still in the mood to dance.
We finally left at 3am and piled into a Cab.
Cab driver said 5 pounds per head. No problem.
Then Kay got it into his head that the cab driver was taking the longer route to charge us more. And was verbally rude, generally threatening the poor guy.
He also got a bee in his bonnet about the cab driver getting ‘Chica’ safely home. So halfway to his house he told the guy to STOP him here! that he could walk home. That he should just go on and get his wife home asap! Cab driver knew we were not near our destination but I guess he was relieved to drop his pesky passenger. 
Where did I figure? Nowhere. Cos I wasn’t so familiar with those parts and I thought Kay was right.
So we started the walk home. We got to a Tee junction and he veered right. 100m down I knew it wasn’t the right road. But didn’t know which way the right road was.
I mentioned it to my dear friend who was weaving from right to left at my side. He said, ‘This is the right way. Don’t I know the way to my house?
After 200m, 2 wrong entries by him into courtyards that were not his (and me whispering Kay come back here, that’s not your house!) We got to the end of the road he looks around and goes ‘Damn, What is going on? This is not the way to my house!
Then we walked back 300m to the start point. 
Re: I was on heels.
Desperately looking around I spied a landmark ahead, and directed him ‘home’.
We got to the house 15 mins after. From my calculations, we had been walking around for over 50mins.
Half of the time I was terrified he was going to be hit by a car cos he kept walking into the road.
I can’t count the number of times we stopped while I waited for him to attempt to light a cigarette. He wouldn’t let me help. He cups the lighter under his chin, with the ciga butt facing his nose. No connect. He was frustrated. I was frustrated watching him.
Then he was rambling all sorts of gibberish.
I regret not taping a video of that walk. I would have made money blackmailing his a$$.
As we got into the house, I lured him into his room, got him into bed and gently locked the door behind him.
Then sat on the sofa in the sitting room and cried a bit before I headed to my room. Aftershock.
The next morning he wakes at about 11am. Saunters into the living room and asks 
‘Did I do anything stupid last night?’


  1. "I was frustrated watching him." Hmmm, think you have just falling in 'love'.

  2. haha Rethots. furthest thing from my mind..

  3. Your friend is an idiot! Sweetheart, next time somebody goes off the deep end into drink when they are with you, knock them over the head to put them to sleep and take their wallet and all their money and leave them in the alley while you get a cab home in your high heel shoes!

  4. Mom, you give the 'bestest' advice!! Maybe he 'll learn how to treat a lady after that :-)

  5. lmao....I am really trying so hard not to giggle at this post ...and I am in my mba evening class.

    Okay - don't get too upset. Drunk people can be annoying. I can tell you from experience. At least he did not pass out in the middle of the street and leave you to fend for yourself. That would have been a disaster.

    All in all, I think you had a great time.

    Also - tell him not to drink if he can't handle alcohol. I am speaking from experience.

  6. Upset? Naa. I'm over that. Damn, I never even thought of that...passing out. haha I don die be that. He did promise never to get drunk again. Amen to that!



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