Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hollywoods most Bankable stars

Hollywood’s bankable stars......... I am yet to understand the criterion for being 'bankable'? 
Is it based on your assets – either acting, adverts, private business OR based on how well their Star quality sells movies?
And the reason for this confusion was seeing Jennifer Aniston on the list. I could relate to the others heck 2-3 popular movies come to mind for each. But Jennifer Aniston in 2010?? Lady J can’t act to save her life. Since Friends she has had a long string of sh*tty movies – horrible plots which were not saved by her un-stellar performance. Are we still hung up over her hair?

Shia LaBeouf 81m. This 24 yr old was in Transformers 1,2 and 3, Disturbia, Surf’s up, I-Robot etc or his latest Wall Street. He is good but 81m good? hmmm
Anne Hathaway 64m. The Devil wears Prada, Alice in Wonderland, Valentine’s day, The Princess diaries, Ella Enchanted. Anne has got the romantic formula. and she is pweety good too.
Daniel Radcliffe 61m. Harry Potter. Need I say more? At 21 to my 32, pls would he let me be his MILF?
Robert Downey Jnr 33m. Iron Man, The Soloist, Sherlock Holmes, Tropic Thunder, Incredible Hulk.
Cate Blanchett 27m. Robin Hood, Queen Elizabeth, The Aviator, Little Fish, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Charlotte Gray.
Meryl Streep 21m. (This Dame still rocks at 61yrs) Mama Mia, Devil wears Prada, It’s Complicated, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Julie and Julia, Doubt.
Johnny Depp 18m. Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Public enemies, Corpse bride, Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
Sarah Jessica Parker 17m. Mostly earned from the Sex and the City franchise – Series, Movies, Cartoons, Tee Shirts, Mugs, Sun glasses, Shoes lol.
Nicolas Cage 17m. Matchstick men, Con Air, Lord of War, Kick Ass, The Wicker Man, Gone in 60 secs, Face Off.
Jennifer Aniston 21m. Friends, The Pitt-iful Break up.


  1. I think Hollywood still feels sorry for the Aniston girl after the breakup with Pitt. The guy is now with a woman that made him a part of Hollywood's sexiest couple! Aniston on the other hand is 40 and not in any relationship worth mentioning. And i think they go see her movies to know how she is doing.

  2. lol!! Lily! I am imagining a typical post view conversation.
    A: I just went to see a movie
    B: Whats the name?
    A: The Switch
    B: Who is in it?
    A: The Aniston girl.
    B: Oh poor Jennifer, how is she holding up?
    A: She looks sort of know, inspite of it all. Tough bird.
    B: I'll go see it, just to see for myself. Poor thing.
    errrr...This is 5 yrs after the break up!!

  3. Ginger! I really hate Jennifer Aniston. I would boink Angelina in a minute compared to the Aniston. (Except for the fact that I don't boink girls.)

  4. Boy that Anne Hathaway has some huge lips in that photo, eh?

    I don't like Robert Downey Jr. and I don't think he deserves that money. Yeah, that's right. I've never met him, he's never done anything to me but I don't like him so his salary should be much lower.

    Too bad there's no voodoo doll to lower someone's salary. I think that would hurt more than a pin in the head.

  5. Shia Lebouf is bankable because he is not a diva. His salary is low and he works hard. He is not one of those that demand 20m per picture and then rest on their laurels.

    IMO, I think Meryl Streep is hands down the best actress...bankable or not...the woman knows her craft.

    Also - have you notices that the top people are all really under 30 young?

  6. Mom, Angela would be eminently boinkable if she adds some weight. If not I'll stick to kissing. lol
    Hey Cardiogirl, welcome here. You're killing me with the Robert Downey beef. He does have his very good days.
    Yes LucidL, they are getting younger and younger. and earning what I earn in a year in one shooting!

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