Friday, October 22, 2010

Keeping up with The Joneses

I enjoyed this movie. Sort of. Its premise was good old ‘all that glitters is not gold’ or is it ‘cut your coat according to your size?
Plot: A perfect sexy loving couple with perfect attractive kids move in next door. They renovated their house into some glorious masterpiece, the husband drives state of the art cars, the hottest gadgets off silicon valley, Madame always looks hot and beautiful and everything looks all hunky dory.
Well, let me let you into the secret : none of it is theirs. Nor are they related to each other by law or blood. Its all…..Advertising.
The Joneses advertise a lifestyle which seduces other families to want to aspire to become, copy or just desire to excel over them. And the result – Sales and profits for the company!!!
Wow/Urgh: So like I said the premise was great, the plot was mostly great but I was totally let down by the execution. The still delectable Demi Moore in particular.
Demi’s acting was so brittle, I thought she’ll break. I don’t think she liked the leading man (David Duchovny) at all.
David as the salesman with a conscience gave a great performance. But his role wasn’t the sparkly role. Great acting from Demi would have tied it all in.
Another thing is, they let us on into the super secret (that it was all advertising ) too early into the movie. Cos after the revelation it all sort of limped along. No surprises, no mysteries, just wooden acting.
Woah!! Ginger. ‘Thought you said you liked it? I don’t get that feeling from this review’.
Ha! I lied. The cheesy ending finally did me in!
It did gimme food for thought about ethics and all. Is this kind of advertising using ‘pseudo families’ ethical?
Ginger scores it 5.5/10


  1. I like David. I am presently watching the Californication series and i think he is good. I might have to look for this movie and watch it just to see Demi's reactions. Jeez! And i thought they were all proffessionals.

  2. I really don't like Demi Moore. I don't think she can act but she is good looking.

  3. I have this film in my to watch list....thanks for the synopsis.

    btw- how do i get this kind of job?

  4. Lucid, that's a million dollar I never thought of that angle. Beats door to door marketing anytime...or presentations.

  5. @Lily, Yes, David is cute. I loved him in X files. didn't know he was in Californi....what? Have to check that out :)
    @Mom - I don't like her much too. since she broke up with Bruce, since stripteaser, since Kutchner. But you got to hand it to her...she looks good..always.



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