Monday, October 4, 2010

A Parting of Sorts..

Hi Blog family. Did you miss me? Just one teeny weenybit? I hope so. Cos I missed you all very much.
I finally had a breather out of my crazy itinerary to put up a post.
September-end marked a sort of threshold for me and JG
- JG is moving to a new job by mid October
He is also moving to another apartment in a very different part of Lagos – but a really cool estate with tennis courts and swimming pool. *I’m so green especially cause I won’t be around to live it up with him!
- I am moving to a new country, starting school AGAIN for my Masters degree.
 We didn’t even get to have a decent goodbye period (you know last dinner, talk talk, the works) cause soon after I got my Visa I was on the road. Running round the country to say goodbye to my family.

Mom, Dad and Brian in Aba
Deb in Abuja
Sylvia in Ibadan
Meg and Clem in Enugu
And back to JG in Lagos. 

I’m gonna miss ‘em something fierce.

Funny thing is, It’s not the year away that’s already getting to me; most times we (family) only truly get together Xmas time. It’s the distance. All these locations are 50mins away by air or 8 hrs by road at most. But UK is 6.5 hrs away by air and 20 times costlier. I can’t dream of dropping in for a weekend anymore.
Or my Mom calling me at 11pm. (I don’t understand why but she ‘s usually bright awake at that time)
On the other hand, I have longed to leave Nigeria. I didn’t even mind another African country or Alaska or China. Just wanted to leave those shores for a while and live out a new experience and get an education while doing it.
And dear friends, when I get maudlin or homesick in some not so distant future (*smirk)…kindly remind me of this last paragraph!

p.s. In other news, Nigeria celebrated 50 years of her Independence from Britain.
Happy Anniversary dear Country of my Birth!!


  1. Awww! I know how it feels to leave your loved ones even when you really need to. I wish you success in all you do.

  2. Here's to some magnificent success in this new venture. Just keep warm because the UK is so cold. Let mama know if you need something. Should I send you a "Snuggie"?

  3. Thank you beloved. I had great support from friends and family which encouraged me to spread those wings. I hope I wont disappoint.
    Mom, what's a snuggie? If it feels soft and warm - no, make that hot, I want!!! pretty please with honey on top?

  4. Baby, a snuggie is a blanket with sleeves. It's soft and warm but kind of stupid looking. They advertise them on television on the late night programs. I'll find you one.



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