Friday, October 29, 2010

Remember Me

Remember me was a better movie for Robert Pattison than the past 3 Twilight sagas.
I got to appreciate his talent (yep, he does have talent), looks and that latent broodiness. Maybe something else that helped was a flesh and blood co star (Emile De Ravin) than Vampire-wannabe Kirsten Stewart. And he definitely made up for all his 400yrs abstinence in Twilight in this movie. So for all ye who want to know how sexy Robert can really be, go watch.
Remember me is a story about the strength of family and living your life fully for each day.
Set in New York, 2001, Robert plays Tyler, a grieving young man who  is ‘angry with the world’ following a family tragedy - his brother’s suicide which has destroyed his family. There is the businessman father (Pierce Brosnan) who now buries himself in his business empire ignoring the children who need him. There is sweet Caroline(Ruby Jerins), the youngest child whom Tyler becomes very protective of in the light of an absentee father. Disturbed and misunderstood, Tyler meets Ally. Ally had had her share of tragedy too, but her uncrushable spirit was exactly what Tyler needed to heal and inspire him. They fall in love. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed and the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.
Ginger scores it 6.4/10
I would probably rate it higher if I see it again. You see, I watched it on the plane. And the audio quality was soo bad; don’t know why. But I was captivated enough to keep watching till the end  because of the stellar acting from all four main characters – Robert, Emile, Brosnan and Ruby. Their characters had depth and breadth and were quite believable.
The twist at the end (of course there’s a twist in the tale!) was unexpected and a bit awkward and quite quite controversial. I think it added to the plot's uniqueness. 
That’s what life is all about after all. You are ever only sure of the moment you are in.
What do you think?


  1. I remember seeing the ads for this movie but I've not watched it yet. Sounds interesting. So what's the twist? LOL...

    I agree that live is only for this time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

  2. Oh wow you reviewed a movie I really want to see!!! With a 9 yo daughter I have seen all the Twilights... and yes.. umm.... have well... "appreciated" Robert's ummm.... SEXINESS lol OK there I SAID IT! But then my "mom" comes out when I see him in interviews and I want to tell him to stand up straight! I love the female lead... I was a complete LOST fan so it is great to see her in something else. I will have to rent this!!!

  3. I really want to see this based on your review. It sounds good and I adore Robert!

  4. Yeah the movie is good and I heartily recommend it. and being such a generous gal, I'll offer a refund if you think it's a pile of turd (you have to wait for me to get a job first).

    @Katherine - he says 'my mom'?? oh dear, wonder what he'll say if I 'come on' to him. I guess he's been schooled to talk in a way that relates to his million and one adoring f-fans.

  5. Sometimes, watching a movie in poor quality leaves more to the imagination. This seems like that type of movie.



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