Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Through the eyes of a Newbie

So I got into London Heathrow last week Monday and have been to Exeter, London, Birmingham before I reached my final destination, Durham on Sunday. Chatting with a friend who’s been living in London this past 10 yrs, he says he’s never been outta London, so you see, I feel pretty amazing!
Here goes my week in 20 lessons:
There’s a reason people rush around in stations: Trains wait for no one. Especially a newbie in London. I am teaching you for free. Though it was a 55pounds lesson for me.
Tea and coffee are essential accompaniments for the godawful cold weather.
*Same for coats, sweaters, tights, jeans, leggings, leg warmers, knee length boots.
The English weather to explain is very hard indeed.
*English Jokes fall into the same category.
Chivalry still reigns in Britain. I heard more ‘Do you need helps’ in a week than I heard in the past 20 years. (Ok, exaggerating).
Custards are desserts. Really? Sorry In Nigeria it is taken hot with warm milk as breakfast.
J2O (a juice drink nicely packaged to look like good stuff) is a non alcohol equivalent to wine and beer in a pub.
English pastries are over rated.
English breakfasts are not. Have always loved my bacon,l sausages and baked beans.
Bringing local condiments with you is essential for times when you miss home cooking. (I never thought I would say that being a proponent of ‘when in Rome, live like the Romans’) But I have to admit that the flavor from my pot of crayfish sprinkled rice was awesome!).
Blueberry muffins are served cold. Don’t know why I always thought it was something eaten spicy hot!
A smile, looking lost and helpless can get you anywhere and anything.
One suitcase of clothes and stuff would serve you well, dear Newbie. Instead I came with 2.5 cases. Paid the extra duty on them at the airport and had the most stressful time lugging them around. Don’t even ask me what was in them. *cringe.
IPhone4s and IPhone wannabes (from Samsung, LG, HTC) are like the ish here. My sole surviving Nokia 6303 looks like someone’s wretched lost cousin.
Durham is pretty picturesque. Gotta buy/borrow a camera so I can fully reveal it to you.
I’ve never been a fashionista and I bet with this cold weather, I shall deteriorate to wearing solely Cardigans, jeans and leg warmers!!
I miss Sunlight. The real thing. Not this watered down version.
Coins are essential modes of money transactions. And they weigh a ton!
No, they sky won’t fall if you miss Fresher’s week and induction parties in school.
Ice cream everywhere but my throat is too sore from the cold to lick any. Is this punishment for some crime I committed in my childhood??
White men can't dance. Well, to Afro beats especially. I watched this lovely man murder King Sunny Ade’s ‘Afrojuju at this Independence party I went to in Birmingham. Oh, an aside: slim girls can’t dance Afrojuju too. There I was wriggling my whole body and backbits, till this woman with a huge bum comes along. There was no overt movement but boy! Was she rocking that beat!
Why ever didn’t I apply to UCLA, Berkeley’s? They offered the same course and best: It’s a Sunshine state!!


  1. Yes, Little Goose, UC Berkley is 20 minutes from Mama's house. And there's a bus a block away that would have taken you there. I've never been so cold as I was a week in London in February. Still, this is a great adventure! I love it! Keep warm, Sweetheart. Maybe find a chubby Englishman to keep your body temp up!

  2. Linda is hilarious! You'll have fun. I still remember my time in Scotland fondly. Apart from the cold sha. All the best with school too..

  3. Yes She is and I heart her. Thanks for the best wishes Myne.
    @Mom - you'll be the first to know when that happens.

  4. Congratulations on your new beginning :)

  5. Thank you Jaycee. Keep lighting that Lamp!

  6. I love it! What a great trip! I remember two specific things about London when I got to go. One, if you ask for a napkin in a fish and chips shop, you are actually asking for a sanitary pad. And then I remember Snake bites. Have you had a Snakebite yet??

  7. Oh My! Kate! I think I'm going to ask for a napkin just to make a poor guy look very uncomfortable.
    Snake bite? We've got friendly Snakebites here?

  8. Well...I guess I can safely take London off my "to-do" list. Girl, you sound miserable.

    I eat ice cream whether is is 90 degrees or -90. It tastes good!

    Nothing is better than the smell of crayfish in your dish. Although Turtle thinks it smell like crap. We agree to disagree.



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