Monday, November 15, 2010

A Cat may look at a King

Is there anyone out there???
I’m back!!!!!!
A lovely friend came to visit me at Durham. It was sorta strange showing Durham to an visitor cause, well, I just realized I don’t know anywhere!!
The Marketplace – where most of the shops are err Tesco???
The colleges (some of the old ones do look impressively gothic)
I just found out that part of Durham Castle is college accommodation for students.
Can you imagine telling your friends back home ‘I live in a Castle’. How cool is that?!!
I remember as a child how in awe I was of Castles – where the fairytale King and/or Queen lives. To think that now, non royal, rowdy students live there and treat it like paid accommodation and in the summer when they are away, it’s a hotel to tourists.
The royal ancestors must be turning in their grave.
Then we went to Ustinov College. And climbed to the top of this knoll in the centre of the college. It was so cold and windy up there. But the view made it worthwhile!
…..that’s till this bunch of noisy baseball players came up.
And before I could say peek-a-boo, they whipped their pants off.
*simpering* Well, I know I'm hot, but didn't know I could induce such unbridled ardor.
I didn’t want to wait and see how far they would go to impress me…
So I ran..
Here’s the snapshot I took a modest distance away…


  1. Hey are you from the States? I ask because you spelled centre with an re rather than an er and I like that in a blogger. Initially I thought you were talking about Durham, North Carolina but now that I've clicked on the link I see you're a gal who resides across the pond.

    Now I shall read all of your posts with a kick-ass British accent.

    Anyway, look at you inspiring college boys the world over to drop trou! (I would have run away as soon as the button on the waistband was accessed.)

  2. Ginger, you need to turn down the heat! Those boys might have gotten burned even in the cold weather! I am glad you didn't use a zoom lens, Honey!

  3. that lineup of young men looks like a nice buffet. U are such a chicken.

  4. Hey Cardiogirl- Thanks for stopping by. I'm in the UK though not of the UK. And It's thanks to my spellcheck for the spelling or is it me? Cause my laptop is so frigging American :-p even though I chose UK-English in the setting.

    @Mom - Heat turned down to simmer. Don't want be accused of eating them overdone brit boys do I?

    @Lucid - yeah I am :-p. Now I regret not being bold enough to ask them to take a pix with me. next time...



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