Monday, November 8, 2010

Due Date

It was kinda hard imagining Robert Downey Jnr in a comedy. He's a bit too arrogant to let himself be laughed at by we mere mortals. So when I hear of a movie named Due Date which hints at pregnancy, at romance and comedy then hear that Robert stars in it. you can imagine my mixed feelings.
Plot: In a bizarre turn of events, uptight business man Peter who is in a hurry to get to LA in time for the birth of his first child, gets kicked off his flight without his passport, his credit cards or cash and is forced to
take a 4 day trip to LA with the guy who caused it, a 23 yr old manchild called Ethan Tremblay.
Wow/Urgh: Ethan( Zach Galifianakis) was the kind of son whom if you'd had a vision about his future, would induce even Sarah Palin to hot tail it to Australia for a midnight appointment with Dr Christian Fiala.
He was also the guy who carried the movie (sorry Robert Downey Fans). From his girly walk to his tantrums. He sort of grew on you. You empathized, you cringed, you'd feel like slapping the taste outta his mouth many times. There were sappy moments but they were truncated very when Peter told us the painful story about the last time he saw his father and Ethan burst out laughing at that most sappy moment.
Robert Downey Jnr. Was a bit too macho, a bit too high strung, a bit too Robert for this movie. He did make me laugh admittedly but never by himself. Robbie, darling, pls stick to the action packed plots alright? Comedy isn't for you ....yet. Wait till you loose your head of hair first.
Jamie Foxx would have been forgettable except he featured in the more memorable funny scene like 'Dead man's coffee'.
Then there was Sonny the wanking dog. Really.... we have to stop violating the rights of dogs in movies. Should the public really be allowed to see a doggies' privates? Or is it ethical to train a dog in the art of paw
masturbation? Come on. Seems I need to launch my Doggy protest again.
If you blink thrice - you would miss the beautiful Michelle Monaghan - the due wife.
p.s. I suppose this was more of a male flick .... but is it me or does Robert avoid strong female leads in his movies?
Due Date was funny but it could have been a whole lot funnier. It's definitely not the kinda movie you sit, savour and reminisce over. More like the kind that when the credits roll across the screen, you get up from your chair and start thinking of that frozen macaroni dinner in the fridge.
Ginger scores it 5.8/10


  1. It was a lifetime ago, but Downey was pretty funny as Rodney Dangerfield's son's friend in Back to School. Downey's been through a LOT of changes since then.

  2. RDJ is not my cuppa tea, Princess. I'll skip this one.

  3. Awww, that's too bad...he's the type of man who could just sit there and I would feel entertained...but now that I have read this, I'm thinking maybe not...
    Thanks for the review, you just saved me $10.00 (plus the popcorn). Maybe I'll just stay home and have the mac 'n cheese instead.

  4. because if this review i will not be bothering to watch due date. im more into series coz it takes a while before they hapiness these days comes from watching the office.makes up for my boring job. thanks for visiting by mine .come again.

  5. @Fred. Do tell. What kinda changes? Dont tell me he's been under the knife...
    @Mom I almost feel sorry for Robert for not havin you on his side. Dont worry I'm on the lookout for a movie you'd like.
    @Sandra. Hey! Welcome here. I ate the macaroni after the movie not instead of :). Movie wasnt so bad really. Just not my best role for RDJ
    @Mbabazi. Thanks for stoppin by. Do you know, your reason for lovin series is the reason i dont watch them:-). I want a conclusion asap!

  6. too bad ginger. can i recomend the office. you will either love it or hate it.each episode has a different story so there is no worry about continuity n all that. let me know what you think.
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  7. I heard it wasn't that great, but I think Galfinakis is hysterical and I'm not surprised if he carried it. There's not that many comedies out right now so I guess if I want to see a 5.8 it will have to do.

    ps...the office is hysterical. Watch a few episodes and you'll be hooked!



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