Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gingery newsround

So like, I really tire of seeing 190 unread mail in my Outlook. It fills me with such dread. Cause I know 180 of it is from my newsfeed - MSNBC.
I love staying on top of the news but can it come in trickles instead of this deluge pls?
On the up side, I get a high when I delete 95% of it in one go. The undeleted 5% are supposedly the good stuff I wish to read at some later time.
Now I have 300 good stuff to read at some later time. You just can’t win can you?

So a roundup of what made my day and what didn’t:
Thank you Clip Art.
Ricky Martin is gay……yeah so?
He admitted this in his Memoir ‘Me’ (very creative). He also reflects that if he had known coming out was this easy he would have opened up 10 yrs ago.
Are you serious? And lose all your adoring female fans/income. Ha! I think not.

10 yr Old girl gives birth for a 13yr old ex-boyfriend. I don’t know what to think or say. Damn she’s a baby herself!! Her mom says its cultural. Yeah but you also know 10 is way too young for motherhood, don’t you? Msheew. Kids are developing so precociously nowadays. Without adequate nurturing and education from parents, I forsee a baby booming epidemic in some near future. Palin should be very happy.

Can Toy Story win the Oscar? Ok, I really need to watch this animation like yesterday. (hangs her head in shame) Time! Time! Time!

Silvio Berlusconi is in the News again. The Playboy of Italian Politics is suffering a terrible terrible mid life crisis. We would overlook his peccadilloes if only he would just SHUT THE H’ UP and stop telling us how he loves beautiful women.

Bush says, 'I served. I gave it my all. And I ‘m a content man'. We don’t doubt that but cause of you many have been left malcontent. What do you have to say about that?

I am soo ecstatic Sharron Angle lost out!!!!!!!!!!!!! That woman is scary.  If Palin is a homemade bomb,  Angle is WWIII waiting to happen.
On the down side, her equally crazy partner Rand Paul made it.
Gone are those days when women in America’s political arena made me proud to be a woman. Gave me hope that one day we can have a female majority in the house and show the rest of the world what democracy/equality is. Now we have Palin, Angle, Donnell – playing Womb Politics and taking us back to the bedroom and kitchen. We’ve come a long way Babes!! Can these women pls shut up? Thank you.

And now that the GOP have got their foot in, maybe, just maybe (on my knees and praying for mercy), we can finally have some CHEERY, PROGRESSIVE NEWS about what’s really going on in America instead of the dreary apocalypse they’ve been spewing.  Like the rest of the world is not experiencing a recession. Sigh.
I saw this somewhere - 'The only way to show someone they are wrong is to let them have their own way'.  Yeah, and by 2012 maybe Obama would be smelling like roses.


  1. That 10 year old story is scary. Very sad. Bush is content. No shit! He did a ton of damage and made a ton of cash for him and his friends. What does he care? Very funny that he's still saying dumb shit! LOL!

  2. Ginger, you make me laugh! And thank God you are like me and not like Sarah Palin!

    Ricky Martin gay? Oh dear. Well, that's nice. He's cute!

    The 10 year old is a Romanian Gypsy girl. They just don't see the big deal. Eh! At 10, I would have been a great mother. (Hah!) But I guess the 10 year old Mom isn't that hot either or her daughter would not have had a baby.

  3. I had to look up Ricky Martin. I knew the name but not the face. Then i saw who he was and laughed outloud. I know one person in particular who LOVES him. But she will never get him now LOL!

  4. Hold the phone. A 10 year old girl gave birth for her boyfriend?! Was she trying to get him back with a baby?

    I thought Ricky came out when he used a surrogate for the twins. Crazy world but I'm thinking of subscribing to the MSNBC feed now.

  5. So I finally strolled down here again...

    "I really love the way you write (it usually cracks me up)...
    and even though it's become two kinds of crazy in my life right now, I simply need to come around more often to read that way, I could change the pace of things a bit...
    Thank you for making my day..."

  6. @Climb2Nowhere - Scary it is. I couldnt bathe myself well at 10. Come to think of caring for another human!
    @Mom - Of course I'm like you. The apple didnt fall that far from the tree:)
    I do wish they would see the big deal. A 10yr old is not equipped to be a good mom. And Bad moms make bad daughters.
    @Katherine - lol. Why do I have a feeling the 'someone' is your daughter. Well, she's got Robert Pattison :)
    @Cardiogirl - Trying to get her ex-back? Oh dear, lolsobbing. Its quite plausible that lil girl has learnt the oldest female trick.



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