Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I dont want your germs...

I don't know about the States but over here it's the Flu season and I am
tired of dodging, ducking flying contagious aerosols flying out of the
nostrils and mouths of flu victims.
To the girl in the library who decided to infect all the other students
sharing that space with you with whatever contagion you were incubating,
here are some health tips for you
1. Wearing some abominably short hip/chest exposing gown without tights,
without a coat in the middle of the night before/after the night out in
urham when the temperatures are 2.C is not a wise move to me. When you
punish your poor body like that, the result is stress, which in turn gives
rise to cold. So when you recover from this or while you are at it, wear
some warm clothing.
2. Do try to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. You have
probably contaminated that computer, table, door knob and surroundings with
your viruses. I know cause I have marked that table. I am going to avoid it
till I leave Durham if possible.
3. Please do not use your hands as a mouth stopper. Especially when you are
still typing on the keyboard. You are only covering them with viruses and
endangering the next user. Do use disposable tissue next time or cough into
your elbow.
4.Do book an appointment for a TB test as soon as possible cause they sound
you were racking up was mighty scary.
Note: Because I come from Nigeria, I was subjected to TB tests(Xrays, Skin tests, the works) meanwhile I should be more afraid of your Swine flu....just saying.
Mind you, I am really, really, really sorry you have a cold. Heck, I just
recovered from one 6 weeks ago (I blame that on acclimatizing anyway). It's
just that the flagrant way in which you were distributing your germs eroded
most of my sympathy.
I really hope you get better soon.
Hugs and kisses
Take care,


  1. It's really gross when people sneeze and don't cover their mouths. The pictures you have a great and very informative. Use your arm and you won't spread the germs. If this post went viral it'd help with alot of suffering!

  2. @Harry - you are welcome Harry. Welcome back from Zamfara!!!
    @Climb2Nowhere - The best tip is actually to stay home when you have a cold, but I guess that's not always realistic. It would really be helpful if people coughed into their elbow and/or used disposable tissue not hankies. less infections all around.

  3. I wish that nasty girl would keep her nasty self at home until she gets over this cold. Germy people make me mad. I just hate it when they breathe all over stuff and touch stuff too. I've had to isolate Dad when he's really sick and he is impossible. He wants to walk around and touch things even if I yell at him. Fools!

  4. Your closing made me giggle.

    Great tips...hand sanitizer is a must too! I don't leave home without it!



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