Friday, November 19, 2010

Let her In - Chloe Moretz

Saw the poster for a new movie - Let me In- with my favorite child star Chloe Grace Moretz –  a haunting Vampire thriller.
I loved her knife wielding, gun totting, vengeful quest in Kick Ass and thought she was pretty special. But I am also discovering that this is not first role in blood and gore (Amityville Horror, Room 6, Wicked little things ).
I guess that makes her a likely candidate for this genre of movies i.e. horror but I just hate! hate! that this might be her career fate in Hollywood.
She deserves to be allowed to be a child in a movie. At 13, there’s enough time to grow old and be horrific!! Little girls are meant to be made of sugar and spice and all that’s nice right?
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So sorry love, I might not be watching this. Though I am happy its getting rave reviews. A rating of 89% by those crabby critics on RottenTomatoes (for a movie that’s meant to be a remake) is a feat.

If you want a strong plot with real fangs and blood – not elegant Twilight-ful vampires – go watch 'Let me In'…..and tell me all about it after.


  1. What a darling girl she is. I wish they would not peg her for horror movies at her age. Use Lindsay Lohan.

  2. Watch the original German (or was it Dutch) film....really really good.

  3. Moretz eschews child roles in movies. She wants more mature roles, mostly because she has the maturity and worldliness of a 30-year-old. In fact, she's said she'd really like to do romantic comedies but understands that won't be happening any time soon.

    FYI, she has five announced movies in line for production and none of them are horror films.

  4. @Mom -Lindsay is living out a horror film produced, directed and starring Lindsay. and its not remotely interesting..

    @Lucid - The original was Swedish. Well, if you say it is good....maybe I'll put my fear of fangs aside. I heard this remake was an excellent replica but without subtitles :)

    @Sav - Thanks for reading and commenting. I really admire Chloe but you've just confirmed my fears. Why should a 13yr old shun child roles? There's so much time to be an adult! sigh..



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