Thursday, November 25, 2010

Of Turkey and Tuna

I woke up to snow.
My first snow.….. And it looked awesome.

The feeling of awesomeness lasted as long as it took me to burn up my phone credit calling home to announce the news.
Then it inched lower when I rushed to class for a lecture only to find out it had been canceled cause Prof.G couldn’t get to Durham. I hung out with my friends a bit then took a walk to the market place to stock up on groceries through slippery snow mixed with sludge.

I get back so tired that all I can think of making is a Tuna Sandwich.
Then I see this exchange between mom and mike and I begin to feel like Orphan Annie.
So if I were in Alameda right now with Mom, I’d have been eating organic free range turkey with sausage and corn bread stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes topped with pecans and brown sugar, a green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, fruit salad, fresh baked rolls, a pecan pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream???!!!!

Darn! My sandwich is looking mighty unappealing right now…….

P.s. I am thankful to God for times like this: For Sun and For Snow, For Tuna and For Turkey, For Blood and Blog Families. You give me a reason to smile everyday. You are the Reason for the Season.


  1. enjoy the snow .atleast you get to see it. I think thanksgiving is one of the things i admire about the americans. have a happy one.

  2. "...calling home to announce the news." that you are 'pregnant'? Hmmm, *clears eyes* (off to read again).

  3. I wish you had been here! It was really a fun day and the food was amazing! We had a 25 pound turkey because Alex shopped for it. Good Grief, Alex! Did you plan on 50 people or so?

  4. Was it your very first snow EVER!?!?!? I love snow.. it RARELY snows here - last year we got a REAL snow and had so much fun!

  5. Aw happy first snow.

    I remember my first snow. I was walking to the grocery was more of a flurry.

    But the next time it really snowed I was outside the nursing home I worked in. I was running around playing in the snow when the head nurse yelled at me, "Lucid, get back in here before you freeze your butt off!"

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