Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some like it RED

In the spirit of hostessing, I had a movie fest Saturday night. It felt so strange. Like I was doing Something forbidden. Something so deliciously wicked; especially when you have a pile of academic books to read. ah well, sod it all!
There was Something Old: Date Movie

Starring Alyson Hannigan(Julia Jones), Adam Campbell (Grant Funkyerdoder), Eddie Griffin(Father Jones), Jennifer Coolidge( Therapist Mom Funkyerdoder), Sophie Monk (Andy -The blonde best friend from hell).
Plot: It was a spoof of various romcoms. It was infantile and I only stuck with it till the end cause I was enjoying matching scenes, characters, lines or plots to the original movies. Sigh….
The main plot was a mishmash of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best friend’s Wedding and Meet the Fockers. Then snippets from Bridget Jones Diary (Julia Jones had a diary), The wedding planner (you can’t miss the Jennifer Lopez lookalike with the signature hips to match), Iron man, Legally Blonde, When Harry met Sally (the solo orgasm at the restaurant), Shampoo (Julia Jones singing and dancing on the street), Kill Bill (now that was silly), Hitch, Natural Born Killers (that snippet was weird to say the least), Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Pretty Woman, What Women Want, Baywatch, even a little of King Kong.
I think I missed out on 3 or 4 references.
Oh and I had to google these classic love quotes exchanged by the lovebirds at the end. I knew they were too good to be originals from this un-innovative spoof writers –
Grant: I love you. You... you complete me. And I just...
Julia: Shut up, just shut up. You had me at "hello".
(Stolen from Jerry Maguire)

Grant: ... I'm just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.
(Stolen from Notting Hill)
Ginger scores it 3/10

Something New - RED
Bruce Willis a retired CIA agent pensioner and his old buddies(when I say old, I really mean geriatrics) - Helen Mirrer, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman star in this action comedy.
Plot: A list of 10 names is circulating in high places in the CIA. Everybody is connected. Everybody on that list must be eliminated. Time is running out. Bruce and friends are on the run and will remain so till they find out who is behind the manhunt and what they want.
Wow: These Hollywood old timers just refuse to stay down!!! First It was the expendables a few months ago. Now it is Red.
Makes me want to compare the two movies and I will…
Plot- Expendables was straightforward, Red was too busy
Sound Quality – Red (The Expendables was a most noisy affair)
Star quality – Expendables (I loved the cast. It got the right mix of the 80s action heroes )
Action – Expendables (The action was half believable. Helen Mirren hauling a bazooka in Red was quite unbelievable)
Romantic angle – Red (Bruce’s wooing of his pension clerk was classic!)
Dialogue – Expendables (I loved the ‘real life’ cracks)
Characterization – Expendables (You knew who was who and what he was about)
Lovable Likable characters – Red (Malkovich as the paranoid agent in exile kept me in stitches)
All In all, it was a fun watch. Ginger scores it 6.5/10
p.s. I just hope Jean Claude Van Damme and his coterie of friends maybe Steven Seagull too, don’t have some comeback like this lined up… urgh.

I have seen this movie referenced too many times in articles not to want to see it. And it was well worth my time.
Plot: An American film actor, Bob Harris visits Tokyo to make a commercial for Suntory Whiskey. There he meets the young wife of a visitng photographer Charlotte. They strike up an idyllic but improbable friendship rooted in the loneliness, boredom, language, nationality and present experiences. Charlotte is yet to define what she wants from life and Bob has seen it all.
A lot of hilarity and confusions arise due to the language and cultural differences between Bob and Charlotte and their Japanese hosts. When it’s time for Bob to go, decisions must be made about the future. To be or not to be..
Wow: No its not a romcom though there was love and laughter. There were funny parts but not cliché funny. Rather mirrors of real life moments when you want to either scream and pull your hair in frustration or decide to see the funny side of it.
There was a romance which you waited with abated breathe to flower between the stars and damn the consequences.
There was a poignancy underlying every moment of Lost in Translation. Like when Charlotte asks Bob, “does it ever get better, Marriage?”. You want to hear the answer cause it’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself at some point in your own journey. And you really want to hear this man’s view given that his wife’s calls gives you an idea of the sham of a marriage they have.
I fell in love with Scarlett Johansson all over again and was happy to find out that this was the movie that set her career on fire. She’s such a beautiful girl errr, and Bill Murray is such a wrinkled old man ;-)
Ginger scores it 7.5/10
Despite the language barrier, I think I would love to visit Tokyo if I get the chance. First it was in Karate Kid now this. I am sold.


  1. I've never seen Date Movie, but loved lost in translation. There was a part on the escalator that I remember that I loved. Good flick.

  2. Exchange of references for films http://bit.ly/d7JKuN

  3. Climb2Nowhere - The part where he first met Charlotte right? I couldn't really pinpoint a favorite scene: the calls from his wife? lol

    @Anonymous - Thanks

  4. I loved "Reds" but it was a piece of fluff. Still have not seen the expendables but want to. Lost in Translation, I couldn't get into it, but will try again since my darling Ginger liked it. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood for a film. Know what I mean?



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