Wednesday, December 22, 2010

366 days of blogging

Today is the first day of my second year blogging, and I just want to say it’s been gingertastic! I gave myself 6 months to get over my need for writing TMI online but instead, I am waxing stronger.
My blog has become my fourth best friend. A source of advice, hugs and kisses. And a much needed receptacle of my movie raves. A platform for exhaling thoughts and my chance to leave gingery footprints in this world wide web.
I remember my first post: to blog or not to blog. I was so worried about what to write about and what not to. All in all I have settled into a nice tempo. I have no regret about stands I have taken or experiences shared. In fact I hope I am better for them. 
Ginger my pseudonym was chosen cause of my love for ginger cookies and ginger snaps. Unfortunately it is competing with spices, real name Gingers and Gilligan island Ginger. I should have thought of Tapioca. Tapioca's blog..hmmm

I also remember when I was a bit obsessed with blog statistics, page ranking, SEO. Thankfully I didn’t have a credit card or I would have paid it out to those page ranking consultants. Duh!
I finally got to the point where I realized I wasn’t in this to make money or get nominated the bestest Ginger blog in the world. I was in it for me but, if you come to my page and our ideas/stories/minds resonate, its wonderful.

Here are my best bits from my days of sifting through pages and pages of advice on how to become a better blogger:

From Akin of Akinblogcity about
The length of a blog post: “Follow the basic function of a good skirt; it should be long enough to cover the detail and short enough to keep the interest”.
We don’t all keep to that. Me included. Just don’t make it a regular occurrence.

From Jen over at Redheadranting, some great tips about commenting:
Right and wrong ways to leave comments: Read the article thoroughly, read the other witty comments so as not to repeat what they have said, contemplate the relevance the article and other comments have to one’s life and then make a concise, well developed, comment in the comment section. In other words, ‘nice post’ doesn’t cut it!
Do respond to comments on your own blog: Jen has this to say: ‘I will usually go back to see if a blogger has responded to my comment. I try to leave witty and interesting comments and because I like my ego stroked I go back to see if the blogger thought I was as witty as I did. Ding!! I totally agree.

From Everett of Far Beyond the stars he says:
“Put a picture of your face on the front page of your blog.” If there’s a face, there’s a human connection.
You need to link to people. Example My BlogMom Linda, the hottest blonde in Alameda writes wickedly witty stories, you gotta check her out here.
Don’t ask people to link to your blog or ask them to visit your blog or ask them to follow you.  Urghh. I’ve never done that thankfully. Following is like a handshake. it shouldn't be forced.
Establish an all star inner circle – this doesn’t mean you can’t/shouldn’t make new friends. It just means these are the bloggers who have got your back and you’ve got theirs.
Don’t apologize for being awesome. You’re writing a blog, that’s an amazing thing. You’re doing way better than the other billions of people who aren’t writing a blog. Don’t apologize for being awesome, instead keep creating awesome stuff. 
Yes, I am Gingertastic!! thank you very much.

I'm curious to know how you came about your blog name or pseudonym. Serendipity or deliberate?


  1. You are such a delight! I am so glad I found you, my gorgeous long lost daughter of the heart. Your snuggie was mailed today first class mail! I hope that means you'll be snuggled in it by New Years! It may be big enough for 2 to snuggle in. Let me know. I'm so glad you are mine! Love, Mom

  2. Ginger dear, happy blog birthday!Yayy!! Thanks for the tips. My blog name just....occured to me. It was Body and Mind for all Women before. Keep up with the good work!

  3. Merry Christmas Darling! We are thinking of you with love.

  4. Hey, Ginger! I stopped over from Linda's blog and guess what? You and I are bloggy birthday buddies! I just started my third year of blogging December 22. Seriously though, isn't Linda just the most wonderful person! Crazy like a fox that woman is!
    (BTW... my blog name comes from the fact that my house looks like it belongs to a cat lady, despite the fact that I have no cats.)

  5. Yes Ginger, you are Gingertastic. I have always found your posts so funny and insightful. You say your mind no matter how unpopular the opinion. That is indeed a rare attribute. May you keep blogging for more years to come!

  6. Ginger aka GiGi.
    My blogger name is inspired by my favorite animal the panther. I'm even planning on getting one in the near future. Wierd huh? xD

    On the other hand, my Blog name was inspired by someone I knew. His favorite colour was bloody red and he was dearly desired.

    HAPPY B-BLOG!!!!! Keep on bloggin, i love your posts and your comments. ;)



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