Saturday, December 4, 2010


Maurice Fischer: I was disappointed …
Robert Fischer: That I couldn’t be you
Maurice Fischer: No, I was disappointed that you tried.
And the ‘Inception’ was finally planted in Robert Fisher.
So I finally watched the movie INCEPTION, with a more open mind now that the hype has died down.
And I truly understood all that dreaming within a dream that’s in a dream that’s in another dream.
And it was beautiful.

But it was also a bit too heavy. Too contrived. Belabored dialogue. Laughs few and far in between. It was almost like having a psychology class, only with fancy Freudian lecturers, artsy projections and lots of drama.
They also relied a lot on the Hans Zimmer’s score to provide the tension cause without it, we really would have slept off in parts.

All that withstanding….it was worthy of the hype it received. Ginger scores it an A+ for originality.

My fave character was Arthur – Joseph Gordon Levitt. He was like the prissy guy in school who knew all the answers and looked lovable to boot.
Cobb’s character was too disturbed for my taste.
I loved the scene where they were setting the venue for the heist. And while Arthur was talking about buying out all the first class seats,
Saito informed them that he had bought the airline cause ‘It seemed neater’ Damn! Don’t you just love rich men!!
Or Ariadne talking about Mal to Cobb after their first dream sequence together — That's some subconscious you've got on you, Cobb! She's a real charmer!

Do I vote it the best picture of the year?? Nay. A best movie should be one which resonates with some of our ideals and is easily understood by the majority. 
I don't think Inception did that. I can’t think of any 2010 movie that has pulled my heartstring as much as Avatar did.
But for
Best directing - check
Best screenplay/writer – check
Best Cinematography - check
And a new category - Best Riddle – In the very last scene, was that Top about to stumble? I’ve replayed it thrice now. It sounds like. It looks like. But I’m still not sure.
Where’s Nolan?!!!  


  1. Oh, Ginger, I hated this. Michael loved it. He's probably smarter than me. I found it way too long and very boring. For a thriller, I wasn't thrilled at all!

  2. Mom, do you remember we bonded over our mutual dislike for Inception? lol. But I was suddenly in the mood to tackle it yesterday and enjoyed it to my surprise. I totally agree with you. Thriller it wasn't.

  3. P.S. in general to my other comments... is your logo on top new? I love it! I'll laugh if it is the same one you had this whole time and I'm just blind!

  4. Inception was the kind of movie an average person can watch and feel really smart because ... you know...they kinda understood it.

    It is the type of movie you stand in the middle of a living room in a house party and give your take on the psychology of the human mind and it's parallel meaning with dreams within dreams.

    You sound smart and the funny thing is people nod like they understand. Just like I tried hard not to fall asleep because I did not want to be labeled the dumb one.

  5. I liked the movie a lot, but I'm not exactly sure why. I thought it was mind-bending enough to be entertaining, and the whole bit about the power of loss---especially loss you create---was extremely interesting. I was never tempted to fall asleep. In fact, I was afraid to fall asleep.

    Momma Linda hated it, though.

  6. Saw once, couldn't understand it. Saw again ,with subtitles this time, couldn't undestand it again. Reluctant to see it again for the 3rd time, even in my own language !!! Still wondering what the hell.....JG

  7. Ahhh inception I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it is one of those movies I'll always never bore of watching.

    Speaking of Sigmund Freud; a teacher of ours once said she'd love to meet him if she were to go back in time. The silence in the room said it all like mehn this woman is slowing losing it. LOL



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