Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mincemeat recipes anyone??

Hey people,
My UK and US friends are probably familiar with mince meat - a mixture of finely chopped apples, raisins, spices, suet, rum or brandy and sometimes meat, used especially as a pie filling.
But your darling Ginger, a recent resident of UK isn’t. So I when I went for my first grocery shopping after arriving Durham, I added a jam spread to my list because I knew I was going to need it to demolish a whole lot of bread before the term ended. Margarine and peanut butter don’t cut it for me. I love them but they are co conspirators with acne.
So my eyes happened on this jam jar labeled classic mincemeat and I thought hmmmm, exotic!
Till I tried it on toast the next day and went urgh! I asked my nearest Brit housemate ‘What kind of jam is this?’ and she said, ‘It’s mince meat. We use it in making Christmas mince pies’.
Okay. That was October so I had 2 months to wait for mince pie season right?? No way.
Never one to be short on innovative cooking – I’ve used it to spice up pancakes and rice puddings.

Last week Wednesday, I finally had my first taste of homebaked mince pies - one of the tutors prepared a batch of mince pies for the end of term Postgraduate meeting.

I’m still not convinced that’s the only thing one can use mincemeat for. Recipes anyone?


  1. Hmmm, other than pies, I have no idea what you could use mincemeat for. It's like raisin pie filling or something. Which sounds gross, but in a pie, it's tasty. Good luck on your quest for recipes!

  2. Did Sis ever arrive? Mincemeat is fine in pies. Otherwise, yucky stuff. Brits are funny with the stuff they eat. Spotty dick? Ugh!



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