Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Never-ending Journey

My eldest sister and daughter decided to fly into London on the worst Flight weather day of the year. It snowed elephants and hippos yesterday messing up roads, rails and runways. 
This is 17.50 on Sunday, about 26 hrs after the stated arrival time and her flight has not yet landed. So far using the flight tracker, it shows their plane stationary at Brussels, Belgium since 9pm yesterday. There was hope they'd get in today but this was dashed when we heard the morning news that all flights into Heathrow were canceled for the day.
Poor dears!!! I'd go stir crazy cooped up in an airport for that long; not knowing my fate cause of the unpredictable weather. It wouldn't have been so bad if they could go out and do some sight seeing, but they probably need a transit visa to step out of the airport. 
At least there are two of them for company. I also hope they are dressed warmly. I did warn them but you never know.
I don't know why they have been unreachable.Their phones should be roaming right?? At least a text or two would put everybody's mind at rest.
I've been stuck to my laptop monitoring the tracker and trying their numbers intermittently. I pray I to hear some cheery news soonest!

More reasons to hate snow..


  1. Oh Baby! I am so sorry. I am wondering if they could get on a train from Belgium to London. Alex and I took that trip and it really wasn't that bad. I just wish they would either call or text! Keep me posted!

  2. I would be beside myself with worry. I hope you hear something soon, Ginger.

  3. xoxoxo Thanks for caring. I still haven't heard any news!! British Airways SUCK big time. On their website, they wrote contact airlines. You call their various phone lines - using their very expensive 0844 phone codes and they keep you waiting like forever and you still never get to speak to a human.
    Will keep trying..

  4. Honey, I gather there is no word yet. Try not to worry. They will get there, but it's just so hard to no know what's going on.

    Baby, I still have not mailed your snuggie. It's in the parlor ready to go, but I've been really sick with the flu. It looks like this is going to be more a New Years present than Christmas at this point. I'm really sorry. I want my beautiful girl warm.

  5. You all have had a horrible time of it this year. I hope they arrived safe and sound. Snow isn't so bad if you are prepared for it. Strike that,it sucks.

  6. Update!!
    They are in!! After spending 36 hours in Brussels airport, fine way to start a holiday. She said her phone wouldn't roam or she would have called earlier. Anyway, that's over now. Thank God.

    @Mom. My snuggie. you remembered!! Awwww. I cant wait to get it. I feel like I can never be warm again.
    @Jen: Thanks for stopping by. From your snowed in stories I know I have it way easier.
    I am dreaming of a sunny christmas...



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