Thursday, December 16, 2010

School is over Yay!

Stolen from
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
While the merry bells keep ringing
May your every wish come true..

Hi BlogFam. Fall term is finally, blessedly over. 
Looking back it was a rather short term but for someone who hasn’t been in an academic environment for 6 years, it had a number of low times when I felt I needed to crack my skull open and force-feed the gray matter.
Well, here I am, a survivor. Between September and now, I have learnt about important people in Anthropology like Bourdieu, Nancy Scheper Hughes, Paul Farmer, Agamben, Arthur Kleinman, Didier Fassin, Michel Foucault – pronounced For-kuu in a throaty French manner as opposed to Foccult like I initially pronounced it. One of my tutors is so passionate about him that I can almost imagine her screaming Forkuu!! Forkuu!! O Forkuu!! in moments of ecstasy (ok..this is the point I shut up!)
I’ve also become familiar with terms like hegemony, heuristic, habitus, social suffering, biopolitics, capital, Biopower, agency, structural violence, governmentality, sovereignty and medicalisation etc.
Hope I’m not boring y’all. Just wanted to remind myself that I’ve actually learnt something :-p

So what are your plans for the holiday?

Mine are up in the air. My eldest sister is not the best trip planner and is just leading everyone on a merry dance.
She and her daughter are coming to the UK for a wintery holiday. I should be ecstatic. I was ecstatic. Initially. Till I got involved in her plans which were as changeable as the British weather. They are definitely coming sometime this weekend (tickets have been bought, Amen). But that's all I know. When her plane is arriving, where she’s staying in London, I still don’t know but I'm supposed to meet up with them at some point. Oh well I’m sure things will get sorted somehow.
Right now, I just want to savor not waking up to a 7am alarm and seeing three or more movies without guilt.


  1. I am so glad it's your break. This has to have been a tough period, not just with school, but with the whole thing of a totally new place! I'm glad your Sis is coming but wish you had a better idea of the schedule and plan. Still, relax, Sweetie, it'll be fine. Happy holidays, Little Love!

  2. Congrats on making it through your first school term in six years. You've earned yourself a rockin' great holiday which is exactly what I wish for you.

  3. Yayyy!! I am happy for you and impressed that you've learnt all that. (The bit about your teacher's obsession with Foccult made me laugh). Just watch more movies, go out and have fun.
    How i will spend my holidays? I don't even know yet. Can you imagine? I will figure it out.
    Take care girl!

  4. Awesome that you're on break! Sounds like you had a great semester. Enjoy the time off and have fun!

  5. Thank you everyone. Hope you are having a merry season too.

  6. Yay-yeah! You made it to Xmas break! My plans for Christmas are to cook my first turkey ever!

    I'll let you know how it goes but the label on the turkey actually says "Foolproof."

    I'll be the judge of that.

  7. Hey Cardiogirl. Good luck on the cooking! Dont you worry, so long as you are the only one blogging about it, you can tell us ANYTHING!
    We will believe you.

  8. lmao @ for-kuu! It wont be bad if her husband/boyfriend is named for-kuu. If not, there will be trouble in paradise. Yay for finishing your semester! I know how you feel my dear. I have one more semester to go and then am done.



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