Friday, December 3, 2010


I treated myself to a movie tonight after a long hard week - Unstoppable, have you seen it?
This movie stopped me in my track for the 98 mins of play before it let me go.
Plot: Today is the first day of work for the new train conductor Will Colson(Chris Pine) at AWVR (can't remember the full Coy name) and the last month of work for Barnes(Denzel W) a 28 yr veteran train hostler. But it was  going to be the most memorable day for the two men, cause a fully powered, 71miles per hr, 27car carrying, unmanned train on the Pennsylvania rail line is having a day out on the tracks and no one can stop it!!
Great points for Unstoppable
-The story was simply written and simply executed
-No CGIs thank you. I think they actually used real trains
-No exaggerated, protracted buddy antagonism. Will and Barnes had differences of opinion but it was approached with maturity and respect
-No stunty stunts. The decisions and actions taken were what normal people can reasonably take ‘to save the day’.
-The documentary style filming gave you different perspectives
-The alternate filming of fast and slow scenes maintained the suspense
-Excellent performances from Chris Pine, Rosario, Ethan
-Denzel is still eye candy
Not so great points
- There was a lot of train going on: slow train, fast train, small train, big train, red train, blue train, yellow train, green train, chug, chug, you get my drift…..
- Sappy ending: Will’s wife and Barnes’ daughters shouldn’t have been on that welcome committee. Last time we saw them, they were at home watching TV. Moreover there was an evacuation and traffic diversion going on at Stanton. How the heck did they get there just in time?
Thankfully that was the 92nd mins, so I’m overlooking it :-).
Ginger scores it 6.8/10


  1. "Denzel is still eye candy."

    I think we all know why you went to see this movie, Ginger. I saw it, too, and thought it was very entertaining, which is what I expect from movies. Also, I think I have a small guy crush on Denzel. He is very good looking.

  2. 'We all know why you went to see this movie'?? I smell a false theory here....

  3. I'll wait this one out till it hits the DVD. But next weekend I have a date with narnia and tourist. A two for one galore! he heeeee

  4. I'm going to wait for the video on this one, Ginger! We saw "Burlesque" this weekend and loved it. Check it out!

  5. i am going to watch this with the boyfriend this weekend..thank you

  6. i only read the good points .tying hard not to read the bad ones until i have watched it,then we can compare notes.hihi



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