Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Blues

This chic turned 32 eight days ago. Yipee!! Believe me age is nothing but a number. I definitely feel 18 inside, and luckily look 24. J Usually it’s the opinions and I would love to think 'maturity' that reveal my ‘true’ age to people.
Actual birthday was a sort of anticlimax cause I had spent the day with someone special[JG4M] the day before and felt like that was my day. He made me the Diva of the day and it was ‘kinda cool’ to have your every wish answered. Don’t worry he had it easy cause I was in a mellow mood.
We had a dance session; me forcing him to dance, me laughing at his uncoordinated antics, me teaching him how to move, talk, food, movies, church and more food. Confession: I have never spent my birthday, or the immediate day after or weekend after [you know when the birthday glow is still on] with a special one. you get my drift? This doesn’t mean that all other birthdays have been declared null and void..nah. more like this was different and cool too.
You might wonder why he didn’t share all this love on the actual day itself. Well, one simple excuse - Lagos traffic! It was a busy Monday and the trip from Ikeja to Lekki, hrs in traffic wasn’t my thing. Nor would I wish it on anyone. Was I making excuses? Practical me thinks not.
He did start my day off with a big smoochy kiss in the morning mmmm. Had a lot of FB good wishes, phone rang off the hook, Mary made me a lunch of rice and chicken and I had a 4litre tube of Ice cream [courtesy JG4Me] to swim in cause dang it, the light situation and traffic ensured it got melted by the time I got home. Shared it with my basketball team next door. Dinner then off to bed.
 About 9, a knock on the door. My teeny scared voice asks who’s there? No answer
Several more knocks, and still no answer. This gal was running scared. Intruders? Robbers? Phone rings.. ah ha Dr T.
Runs to open the door. Don’t I just love his round bespectacled face for coming to say happy birthday a mano a mano. For this singular act of love, Dr T if you re reading this, I forgive you for all the times you stood me up in 2009, didn’t return my texts or phone calls. But note that’s for 2009. Already your sins are building up for 2010 post-birthday [sic]!

Here’s wishin a happy birthday to all my January peeps. We are special pple and you better believe it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guide to new year resoutions

Hey. Finally got around to making some sort of resolution. Found these questions posted by Jill Nelson on Nia[niaonline] a guide.
What can I do to make my life/my community/the world a better, safer, more equitable place?
What are the three things I did in 2009 that I don’t want to do in 2010?
What are the three things I did in 2009 that I do want to continue doing in 2010? [I had more than 3]
What does family mean to You?

I will give more time to community service through Karale and through Church
I Don’t want to be an addict to social networks,
I Don’t want to replace real friendships with online friendship. They re both good but not the same!!
I Don’t want to continue toxic relationship with XYZ
I Do want to keep Blogging; twice weekly[isn’t this fuelling the addiction I am meant to be avoiding?]
I Do want to be open to normal relationships/love: make time for love
I Do want to make out time for social events, outings.[in fact, actively seek them out] at least 3wkends a month
I Do want to be more attuned to my fashionista side[ shop more, dress more. I am so sad at this]
I Do want to improve my finances [Have a nest egg in my bank account by Dec 2010]
I Do want to be halfway through a master’s program by Dec 2010
I Do want to grow my relationship to God. Read my Bible more
I Do want to be more positive about things. Realism is good, but optimism is even better
I Do want to be a better friend, listen more, advice less, Judge nil
What does family mean to me? Everything. They are the ones praying for me, wishing the best for me and who love me unconditionally. We have our spats and differences of opinion, they may not always be considerate, but when the chips are down, your family is all you’ve got, cherish them! Soo last but not the least
I Do want to be connected to my family: make them priority again.
What do you think? Do they sound achievable?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dreams deferred?

Ah, my diary-keeping days and resolutions are out to haunt/mock me.
I came across an old diary of mine. I penned my love plan on the 1st of January, 1999 and it goes thus:
19: First serious relationship as an adult
22: At least 2 more relationships
24: Meet Mr. Right if I haven’t already
26: Graduate/Marriage
27: First baby
31: Child bearing over
32: Back to career
I think this plan went awry at 24 cos here I am 4 days shy of my 32nd birthday and Mr. Right aint in sight. So what’s a gal to do? Go back to the drawing board and reevaluate. 'What went wrong', 'What can be built on', 'What should be thrown out', 'what is still achievable'.
Thankfully, all are still achievable ;-) but to be practical, the last shall now be the first.
Friend S reminded me that a career and love are not mutually exclusive. for a long while i felt they were. You can only achieve one at a time. Well, I have now changed my mind. come to think of it, I will be achieving three things; improve my career set skills, be in the path of eligible men, widen my diminishing social circle. wise gal yeah? oh and need i forget, increase my dowry thus giving return on investment to my parents.
I am an Ibo gal, people. The higher my education, the more Mr Right pays. No pitying dear man. You should have snapped me up when I was cheaper and less antsy from waiting for you!!
But really Peeps, is the Ibo gal's dowry a real obstacle to early marriage in the East or just an excuse that guys give to keep playing the field for longer?

p.s. In case you wondered why I was planning on 2-3 more relationships before meeting Mr. Right, I will tell you all about my dating philosophy in another post soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's all the fuss about a New Year?

Someone sent me this text message for the new year, ‘Same sun, Same air, Same president, Same bank account statement, what’s all the hullaballoo about the new year again?’.  

A bit depressing if you think of it right? One can apply same to birthdays too. ‘Same height, same hair, same complexion, same surname, same prefix…That’s sure to get a gal depressed. But this is what makes us different from animals. Dear Bingo probably feels the same, but for us, a new year is a reaffirmation of life. Of hope. Of beginning or endings... for better or worse.
Back in the days, I used to keep diaries. Maybe that’s why I can relate to blogs ;-). And I used to start them with my new year resolutions, penned first thing on New year morning. I haven’t written a resolution in 2 yrs now. I sort of gave up on them uhh uhh maybe not. More like got scared to put it down on paper. Where did that young hope and zeal go?
Anyway, here’s saying a happy new year to you all: If you have set your heart on God and your wishes are good, true and sincerely sought, they will surely come to pass.
p.s. My new year resolution: To make resolutions for 2010?!


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