Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black Swan

This review is hot form the oven. I just spent a tense 120 minutes watching Black Swan. The original movie length is 115  iutes. The extra was all the times I paused the movie so I could exchange chitchat with Mom and Madge. The suspense was killing me and I needed to cool off.
Plot: Black Swan is a psychological thriller about Nina, a beautiful young ballet dancer who wanted more than anything to lead the musical production of Swan Lake as the Swan Queen. A role which required her to play two persons – a the sweet and pure White Swan vs the Sensual and not so pure Black Swan. She got her wish but it plunged her into a terrifying emotional and mental depth she wasn’t ill-prepared for.

Natalie gave a taut performance. She was practically luminescent literally and figuratively. Boy! did she lose some weight to look like that! Mila Kunis her frenemy in the movie still had a pert buttom so I know she didn’t lose as much weight. I loved Mila in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and was happy to see her give a terrific performance here. She’s got the friendliest smile I know.
Natalie, I admired greatly in V for Vendetta. She’s one actress I know who embodies her roles and makes the necessary sacrifice; be it shaving off her hair (in V for Vendatta) or the insane weight she must have lost to play this.
Vincent Cassel, was superb as the ballet director Leroy. There was that brooding-sexual-teacher/best student- tension between him and Nina that lit up their scenes together. I loved studying his face and body language to see if he’s happy with Nina’s dancing. You could feel him battle with the urge to kiss or shake her ‘frigidity off. Reminds me of watching Simon Cowell.
Enough praise has been heaped on Darren Aronofsky, the movie director. I shant add more. Well, maybe ‘thank you’.

I can’t tell you more, go watch. I do know I haven’t seen anything like it this past year.

Ginger scores it 8.5/10
Almost perfect Nina
 p.s. I noticed male reviews kept harping on the masturbation scene/ss. I did think one was enough..(the first one) but I guess we have to titillate the men to make them watch a movie about ballet dancers don’t we?

p.p.s After watching those leg and feet movements, I know no daughter of mine is going to ballet school. Kudos to Sandra who does.

p.p.p.s  Just found out Natalie Portman played Novalee Nation in the film, ‘where the heart is’ based on the book of same name. I loved that book!! Bought it, lent it to someone who lost it and I promptly replaced it. Gotta look for that movie. That will be quite a different role for Natalie.


  1. d reviews on Black Swan have been real real real raving. I wanna see, but even the commercials freak me out. like the scene when she was pulling out black feathers from inside her creepy!

  2. Good review. I think the plot is a little too dark for my taste, but I understand from others who have seen it also that the acting was excellent.

  3. I think I need to wait for this one to come to DVD where I can fast-forward through the creepy parts. I'm such a weenie. ;)

  4. I dated a ballet dancer in high school for a couple of years and need no titillation to feel sexual about ballet dancers. In fact, I've longed believed that the ballet was a very early form of a strip club. It's very sensual, you know. I haven't seen this movie, and probably won't, but it does sound interesting.

  5. I loved this film! It was visually stunning, well acted and the last dance was something that gave me chills it was so good. I think reviewers made way too much of the sex scenes which were actually very mild and completely devoid of nudity. I also think it showed the extreme discipline these dancers must have to perfect their art. Loved it!

  6. I love this review. This is on my to watch list.



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