Friday, January 28, 2011

Have you seen the Joys of Teen Sex?

Channel 4 on British TV started  a new series called the Joys of teen sex this January. It is fronted by a Dr Rachel Jones, Ruth - a social worker and Joanna - the resident sex coach. The idea behind its creation was to explore the dirty mind of teenagers  the love and sex lives of today’s teenagers and present solutions to the emotional and physical problems that many of them experience.
 What they have succeeded in is airing soft porn at 10pm. Or what would you call a programme which
  • Shows a lot of nude bouncy teenage breasts
  • Teaches a 15-16 year old couple(urghhh) how to spice up their sex life with a little bondage and whipping?
  • Demonstrates to another 15-16 year old couple how to pleasure each other orally. I kid you not there was a video of another biracial couple (yeah they love that black kin/white skin combo) going down on each other 69, 39 heck, I saw some moves I didn’t even know existed.
  • To help a young girl who had low breast esteem cause of her inverted nipples, she had a professional photo shoot out wearing only pants so she can get to feel cool and sexy.
  • For another 15 yr old who had low vaginal self esteem, a mould was made of her vulva and this was compared with other vulva moulds to convince her she is normal.
  • Another who had low pubic hair esteem was given a Brazilian. In full camera view.
  • For the young man who says he is gay but is not yet comfortable enough to have anal sex, he got a demonstration – a finger (or was it a dildo) dipped in lubricant and a model’s ass to practice on.
 I am not writing this to titillate. I am hoping you all are as scandalized as I am. I am hoping we find this as morally  reprehensible as I did. Why in the world are we teaching kids how to have great sex??  When did we lower the bar of adulthood to 16?
Yes, I know they are having sex even much earlier but I still think it is a sweeping generalization. Not ALL the kids are having sex. And even if they are, that doesn’t make it normal. Nor should it make us now give tacit approval. That my son secretly smokes doesn’t mean I should buy him cartons of cigs and say 'Son, smoke some more'. What responsible parents do is to discuss the pros and cons of your habit and leave booklets about ‘how to stop smoking’, ‘smoking kills’ lying in strategic areas in the house.

Teaching kids sex education I thought was all about giving information. Teaching them about safe sex was the silent acknowledgment that “We know you are or are thinking of having sex and since we dont want you to ruin your future, we'll attempt to make it STD, AIDS and pregnancy free’.  But from there I guess it’s not easy to draw the line anymore. So yes, lets teach them how to enjoy sex as well so they don’t grow up into repressed, miserable and non sexual functioning adults.

At no point in this programme were these teens reminded that stds like syphilis can be passed by genito-oral contact.
At no point did Dr. Jones discuss or attempt to find out the real self esteem issues the 16 yr old girl who was asking how to give a blow job had (during their chat, she revealed that she has slept with 9 guys, and has had an std and abortion before). Yet the moderator thought her biggest problem was her failure to be a better Monica Lewinsky?!
At no point were the teens who were scared or uncomfortable with the idea of anal or oral sex told that it is okay to be uncomfortable. That they should take their time and think it over. No, the message was ‘learn to do it or be square’.

People are saying that the teens on TV are adult models, I sincerely hope so because I don’t want to believe a right thinking parent thought it was cool for her kid to be on TV showing off her boobs and genitals. Self esteem or not. 
This brings me back to my post about taking responsibility. When do we stop saying it’s their life and begin to speak some home truths no matter how unpopular it is? I am yet to see a huge outcry in the papers or online about this programme. I shall assume then that most parents or guardians think it’s alright. Or they can’t be bothered. Or they assume that if the TV censors have given it approval then it should be alright.
No it isn’t and No you shouldn’t stick your heads in the sand and let media moguls (who are in it for the ratings) train your kids for you.

There was a reason we thought sixteen was sweet. It wasn’t for this.
I miss a Sarah Palin in Parliament.

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  1. Say what???? Never heard of or watched the show. I'm not much of a TV watcher. Wait, what channel is it on?

  2. A Sarah Palin in Parliament. What a good idea. Let's send them ours.

    Yep, I've definitely reached the age where I find myself saying "What's the world coming to?" more and more often.

  3. THAT WOULD NEVER FLY IN YANKEE. The Brit inspired MTV show "skins" is still causing wahala here. Advertisers are pulling out and such...

  4. WHAT??!!!?!? :o

    This is too much nau! Geez!

  5. The things I've seen on TV in this country.. LOL! I guess you haven't seen Eurotrash yet. Look out for it if you want to continue to be scandalized!

  6. I don't understand why our society should encourage teenage sex, its not Godly!
    I saw a video on youtube yesterday where a girl of 17 was rapping about how she slept with 6 guys on camera, and how they did all sort of dirty things to her,andto my suprise alot of people liked her video! I remember when i was 17, i wasn't even allowed to talk to boys.

    1. You're right, I mean, well, the internet is not enough Teensex , the TV also has shown that it is good that kids do it??

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