Saturday, January 29, 2011

The King's Speech it is

Now I know why it garnered all the awards and nominations.
The plot is quite simple- It was the dawn of the radio, and there was a new expectation for the hidden monarchy –  public speaking! But England's new King was ill prepared for that ordeal. His interminably long paused speeches due to an impediment embarrassed the nation but it was a thousand times worse for the stammer-er himself and something had to be done. The movie then led us into the speechless and lonely world of a royal stammer-er.

It was a typical period drama. All the bowing and kissing and courtesies, ‘your majesties’ and what not. There was no running or swinging from planes; but you felt as anxious for its leading actor Bertie like you would for the action hero that is jumping high rises, chased by a posse of Russian spies.
Or is it the royal snubs, (given both in look and words) that are as painful as an uppercut or slap? I do love the English!

Colin Firth gave a most superb performance as the King. Faultless if I might say. Geoffery Rush as the speech therapist Logue gave as good as he got too. Such wit and obstinacy! If a supporting actor is one whose character and performance can stand in its own stead and yet let the lead shine then that was Rush epitomized. 
Helena Bonheim-Carter - the King’s wife was terrific too. She was the silent martyr suffering his frustrations with him. You can feel the tension in her whenever they are in public even at home with the kids. You can’t also help but appreciate the support she gave him; the perfect wife.
I haven’t seen the movies of the ladies she is up against to compare her probability of winning, but I do acknowledge that these three had a synergistic energy that cannot be ignored.
Anyway, it was a beautiful movie even funny at times and TOTALLY in accord with the kind of movies chosen by Academy award judges - realistic, meditative,  gloomy and long winded thankfully not in this case.
So if you are still wondering why you should watch this, if maybe it’s all hype, trust me, it isn’t.

Ginger scores it 9/10

This film made me appreciate the beauty of having a voice that can speak at will. Stammering I believe is still stigmatized even now and we are reminded of how unsettling it is to listen to one. But, I also wonder if it will be such a big issue if it happens in this day and age?
E.g. Public figure that would most affected: ANY President of the USA... US presidents give the most speeches (in number and length) in the world.
Solutions: A public speaking clone of the Prez would be made or he could lip-sync to a pre-recorded voice or he could just give up on public speeches and FB/Tweet!


  1. I will eventually see this movie. I stuttered quite badly as a child and still carry the hesitation of never knowing if I will be able to speak or incapable of saying something.

  2. Mom, I never knew it touched soo close to someone dear to me. But from what I've known of you, you can surely overcome anything...
    I don't know how it will feel, watching this movie from the 'inside'. But I hope the courage of King Bertie resonates within you.

  3. Mmmmmm. I haven't seen this movie yet. I've seen the previews though. Guess I'll go see it. My last movie was "No Strings Attached"

  4. You described Helena Bonham-Carter's role well. She really was such a supportive wife. She knew his stammer bothered him and she balanced her desire to help him with respect for his limits. I liked her character a lot. The humour was an unexpected element in the movie but well done I thought.

    I'm glad you liked the movie.

  5. I'm going to see this movie this week. The director just won the Director's Guild Award, upsetting the director of the Social Network. The Oscars are going to be interesting in this category.

  6. I will try to see this movie. I know a few people that stammer and it is a struggle. Thanks for the review dear.

  7. I had no idea what this movie was about but it does sound pretty interesting. My sister is closet stutterer and there are certain things she just will not say.

    For instance, when she's in a drive through she will not order a medium pop because she struggles with the word medium.

    So if you're with her you're either getting a large or a small.

    I cannot imagine being in a role (such as the monarchy) that forced you into public speaking whether you wanted to or not. I'll remain a plebe, thank you.

  8. Loved it. Totally loved it.

    Agree with your comments, though I tend to roll my eyes at lots of the classic Brit stuff this was warm and funny and wonderfully acted. And as someone who has struggled with a stutter and speech therapy my whole life, it was very real as well.

  9. I love Helena Bonham Carter. She is called the "corset queen" because she is just awesome in period pieces...which by the way is my favorite genre.

  10. Hi!
    I saw how many nominations this movie got and i was surprised. But then, i don't even know why i was cause it's got Colin Firth in it. I'm glad his genius is starting to show these days. I can't believe how sane Helena looks- unbelievable lol.

    Thanks for hunting down my blogger lifestyle blog. I confess, if not for scheduled post, i wouldn't have been posting anything there either. I have either been too busy or too lazy x( But no excuse i know.

    Happy February though :D Great review babe! Wherever did you learn how to write like this??

  11. Oh yeah, and i finally wrote 7 things about me :D

    thanks again for the award

  12. @Vera – I just checked out no strings attached. It looks very watchable cause of Natalie Portman not Ashton Kutchner - that guy just makes me see red. Meanwhile see romantic pot calling kettle black ;)
    @GNG- Helen was the classic ‘behind every successful man is a woman”. And she was so unbendingly hoity toity. Loved that!!
    @Jayne – You won’t regret seeing it I’m sure. I’m going try checkout Social Network this week too. I am addicted enough to FB. It’s high time I try to understand how Zuckerberg invented his drug.
    @LilyJ – I know some too. And this movie revealed a facet of their lives that is not always seen in public.

  13. @Cardio girl. Thanks CG. Your sister sounds like she has mastered it. God bless her and large and small pops!
    @Brahm – Welcome and thanks for commenting. Isn’t it just wonderful when everything comes together in a movie?! lol@ you rolling your eyes at classic Brit stuff. I do too and sadly I live there.
    @LL – I love Helena too. Like Adiya said, she looked so sane and pretty in the movie. Like Johnny Depp, I rarely see her look normal in movies – think fight club, Sweeney Todd, Alice in WL. Laughing@Corset Queen. That is so apt.
    @Adiyaatu – Now you are making me swollen headed. Thanks.
    I love what you are doing on your lifestyle blog. It’s really creative. I don’t know how you get them pictures and sync them to tell a story but you manage it beautifully..

  14. A friend of mine wrote this on my FB wall

    Him: I saw the Kings Speech based on your post. First movie I went out to see in over a year. Magnificant.
    You like this
    Me: Glad you loved it!
    Him: I was like that man for many years. I totally was in tune with it. I give credit to the wife. I don't think the outcome would have been the same without that support, which is something few men get. There are a lot of good men who have a lot to offer but still need that emotional bond of trust.



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