Thursday, January 27, 2011

My lecturer's broad chest...

While preparing for one of my new courses this term, I checked out the module tutor’s profile. And found out he had a blog. Omg, how progressive is that.
So I go check out the blog which for privacy and 'expulsion' reasons I shall not reveal.

Now the blogs were mainly academic matter, written in a contemporary and quirky style except for one of the recent posts in which he put up a picture of himself topless.

I saw my lecturer’s hot trunk yay! (Now you understand why I am making a blog post about this). Well, I was generally tripped. Looked forward to meeting him in person and wondered if I would have an opportunity to throw in something fun and flirty about his body in class.

Well, Stats is not a courses designed to make you feel all sexy and funny. I was in over my head with the rows and columns I had to fill.
But I gotta say his appearance IRL helped throw me off balance. He was well turned out. I ‘ve gotten used to male lecturers in shirts and trousers (throw in a homely cardigan that looks like the dog has been playing with it ...joking) who look like this -  
Well, this blogger had a great pair of fitted jeans on, white shirt with a charcoal grey cardigan over it, a glimpse of a fluorescent green tie betwixt the shirt and cardigan matched by fluorescent green shoe laces. Nice belt and a dark blue suede/velvet jacket.
Plus a hat and neckerscarf on the table next to him.

I'm in love!! Can't wait for the next edition of Sir GQ as I live and breathe. (He looks a lot like Adrien Brody here).
p.s. Authentic rumor has it that he’s not into women. Awww. whatta waste.


  1. Oh shoot Baby! I was hoping for a bit of romance. Well, never mind. There are more where he came from!

  2. Still, the "eye candy" will make for a much more interesting class.

  3. whta?! was that first picture of your tutor?!

  4. @Linda - Yes there are Mom. I heartily believe.
    @Jayne - A very interesting class indeed. In a bid to impress him I swotted up for the class today. I was the first to finish the class exercise and kept asking questions :)
    @BP - No, that isn't him. If it was, I would be going to class in a bikini. then again, he doesn't like girls. sigh

  5. WHAT?! every time i see a cute guy, he turns out to be gay. :( say one this thursday...too cute!

  6. i don't like this at in goodness name can someone concentrate with a body like that. I would spend class time thinking of all the things I could be doing to him...



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