Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oscars and Raspberries

So ‘my great love’ for Jennifer Aniston (Bounty Hunter), Kirsten Stewart(Twilight) acting capabilities has been vindicated by the judges of the Golden Raspberry Awards a.k.a Razzies and about 600 voters hehehe. They both got nominated for worst actresses for the year 2010. SATC girls shared a nomination for worst actresses too. We do agree that SATC II wasn’t wonderful. The fact is, it shouldn’t have been produced at all. But what the heck! Isn’t it wonderful when good friends can share both good times and bad times?? A nomination shared is a nomination quartered :).

In the male category, the twilight men in the buff, dear Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were both nominated worst leading men. So also Jack Black of Gulliver’s travel (I never bothered with that movie. I loved the book Gulliver’s Story and couldn’t stand to see it turned into a comedy).
Ashton Kutcher also got a Razzie nomination for Killers. Did you see it? I did. And it was the most forgettable, uninspiring action movie I had seen in a while. Katherine Heigl didn’t do herself any favours by leading with him. Luckily for her she escaped a nomination.

The movie Last Airbender garnered 9 nominations including Worst Director/Movie/ Screen play/Remake/Screen Couple/Ensemble and a brand new Category: Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-use of 3-D. lols. I am definitely never watching it. Unless I am tied to the sofa, with a crane holding my head/neck in position, a tube transporting some cold sweet creamy delight to my mouth, and a maaseuse doing wonderful things to my back and a trip to Paris after the ‘painful’ process.

On the other hand, we have the just announced Oscar nominations, for the movies, actors, actresses, directors, music directors that made our movie watching experience a memorable one. Sadly, I can’t really make much comment on it (what kind of movie reviewer am I anyway???) Seems I have been watching crap movies all this while cause I have only seen 2 out of the 10 best picture nominations! (Black Swan and Inception). Winter bone, King’s speech, Toy Story, The Fighter, Social Network, True Grit, The Kids are alright and 127 hours are still awaiting my royal viewing.
Happily, Inception is up for all the categories I predicted and hoped it will be nominated for Original Screenplay, Original score, Cinematography, Best movie(though it won’t win). It also got some extras nominations thrown in like Art direction, Sound mixing, Sound editing, Visual Effects, all except a nomination for Christian Nolan as best director. Guess he will be well compensated with at least 4 wins from the above??
The King’s speech got the juiciest nominations though; Best movie, Leading actor, Supporting actress, Supporting actor, Original screen play, Art direction, Cinematography, Sound mixing, Original score, Film editing and Costume. Gotta gotta see this movie soonest!!

Ah well, may the best/worst movie win.

p.s. For five seconds, I thought Na Wewe a nominee for live action short film was a Nigerian movie. That would have been a real plus for Nollywood, a metonymy for Nigeria’s movie industry. Oh well, we can always wish…


  1. I keep on watching movies starring Jennifer Aniston thinking they can't possibly be as bad as her last movie I saw but it always is...or worse. Why can't I stop? I guess it's my addiction to the romcom genre. (Is it wrong that I stil want to see The Switch?).

    I enjoyed the King's Speech, especially because I love Firth and period pieces. I haven't seen any other nominated movies but I plan to see the Social Network this week.

  2. Well, I'm only 1 up on you as I have only seen 3 of the 10 movies. Man, I've got some catching up to do before awards night - yikes!

  3. I want to see "The Fighter". But I really did not like "Inception" but everyone else did.

  4. lmao at
    "Unless I am tied to the sofa, with a crane holding my head/neck in position, a tube transporting some cold sweet creamy delight to my mouth, and a maaseuse doing wonderful things to my back and a trip to Paris after the ‘painful’ process."

  5. Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out some additional information.


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