Saturday, January 15, 2011

SATC again!

I have written an ode to Sex and the city before haven’t I? Weeell, do permit me to write about its awesomeness again!!
I have been an avid watcher of Sex and the city since I discovered it (here)and like most fans shed a tear or two when that silly shameless Big ran off on Carrie AGAIN!!
But I have also just realized that I never seen the last season of Sex and the city, you know, the one where Big finally decided to marry Carrie.
Thanks to Comedy Central on Sky TV, I have been updated.
They had been showing reruns over the yuletide period and it was really cool remembering my old friends. Going through Cancer with Samantha, Adoption with Charlotte, Senile mother in law with Miranda and watching the budding romance between Carrie and the Russian guy Alexandra.

Damn! Darren Star (the creator of the series)must have lived inside enough women's head to come up with all those over the top (and some under the covers) scenes cause the original book by Candance Bushnell is nothing like the series.
I had half-fallen for Alexandra’s olde worlde courting of Carrie; playing the piano for her, writing her poetry, serving pancakes in bed sigh, buying her exquisite jewelry and clothes to wear for a date!! Then my dear Darren just had to turn him into a monster in that last episode to make way for the break-up and Big’s comeback. But I love Big and I have always loved the chemistry between him and Carrie so she’s forgiven :).

Anyway, what I took away from that episode was Carrie’s break up speech to Alexandra where she told him (trying to paraphrase here) “that she wants a love that is unconditional, crazy, comfortable, silly, unconventional”, but the word that struck me most was ‘inconvenient’.
It conjured up images of me calling for help at 1am and knowing he’ll be there, being sick on his shirt, crashing his new car, losing the expensive ring he bought me. You know all those ‘irregular’ events. I’m sure some of us are blessed with partners who might just sigh and say ‘aint that just like you’ or  the kind who will hug you and say its alright. But some of us have the partner that will go ape crazy ‘wtf where you thinking??!!’
 So yeah, a man that appreciates ‘Inconvenient love’ is definitely a yes for me, cause I am one inconvenient girl when I love.

In other news about Sex and the City, I saw the delectable Kim Cattrall (Samantha) in an old movie Mannequin. Boy!! that chic has always been fabulous and brunette! lol!


  1. I love SATC! I have the theme song as the ringtone on my phone. Although, the latest movie kinda sucked -- but the girls still looked great. I think I've seen all the episodes at least five times. Still some of the best fluff TV ever!

  2. I'm such a sex and the city fan! I still laugh and love all of the old episodes. The last season with Alexandra was good, but I hated him. I was so glad when she got back with Big. I was just watching the first season over and it's hilarious. I always think the writers of that show are so in touch with what it feels like to be a single woman.

  3. I'm too old for sex in the city. So I moved to the suburbs.

  4. So what you're saying is ... you're a huge fan of Sex And The City, you're a hopeless romantic, and you're quite accident-prone. Okay. Got it.

  5. There was a time i was obsessed with SATC, but not any more i'm afraid. I skipped many seasons of the series and just watched the last season. I love love Big, i thought he was perfect for Carrie. My best character was Samantha; i wish they could make a cutout series for her or something. She is sooo hilarious.

    Go Kim!

    xoxo :D

  6. I have seen ALL satc shows and movies. It is such a shame I have no life.

    Coincidentally - my sex life improved tremendously when I started watching this show. Do not repeat what I did. Stay in school and stay chaste!!!

  7. @Jayne - Who woulda thought you'd like SATC?!! Knowing your favourite character would gimme a better insight thought. why do I feel its Miranda?
    @ClimbtoNowhere- yes, the writers know how to make us girls dream don't they?
    @Mom - Well, desperate housewives have nothing on the SATC girls, you know?
    @Vera - Unashamedly!!! Thanks for commenting.
    @Adiya - I loved Big too. He could light up my screen anytime.
    @LL - lol. shhhhh. I totally agree with you. there was something liberating about those girls' shenaigans.



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