Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Tourist

 I am a sucker for Johnny Depp's good looks and acting skills and will happily watch him paint a fence. Then he teams up with sexy Angelina Jolie and I am salivating, eagerly awaiting the combustion. Alas, I waited in vain......
Plot: The French police are on the lookout for Alexander Pearce a millionaire man wanted by Scotland yard for tax evasion and by a gangster Shaw who wants his stolen money back. They both think Elise (Angelina Jolie) Alexander’s lover will lead them to him based on a note he sends her.
In the note, Alexander tells Elise to get on a named train and latch herself onto the nearest guy that looks like him to deceive the detectives.
Shy and diffident Frank (Johnny Depp), an American tourist unwittingly became entangled in the spy chase when Elise chose to sit next to him.

I have never seen Johnny Depp look so handsome and Angelina so bloodless (well, except her pouty red lips).
The plot was interesting enough and Johnny Depp's performance was all I expected, with a good mesh of romance and action. I especially loved the suspense of the last 30 minutes…….all except Angelina’s clichéd role. I almost walked out of the cinema when she was revealed to be a secret British agent. Must she be a spy/detective/supersleuth in all her movies?? In this film, her role as secret agent added little or no bearing to the story. Except maybe they wanted to justify why she was good at managing a speed boat??.

My question is ‘has that woman forgotten how to be ‘womanly’ in a role?’ The last movie I thought of Jolie as womanly and sexy was Original sin.
I could totally understand why Antonio Banderas gave his heart and wealth to her. She reminded me of what it must have been to be Helen of Troy. But since then she has become this ‘sexy siren’ that’s untouchable and bloodless and automated. Her now almost gaunt outline and heavy make-up does not help matters.

To cut a long rant short, she was the only thing I didn’t like about The Tourist. I know many of you might not agree with me heck, she got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress because of this same role. I really don’t get why. To each their own I guess.

Angelina, please add some meat to those bones and enough of the spy movies. You are getting stereotyped.


  1. YAY! you liked! I did as well.
    OMG you like Vicar of Dibley as well? You so rock! I just love everyone from Hugo to Mr No no no no yes! LOL
    Amazing show and you should watch waiting for God pretty pleaseeeee! U won't regret it I cross my heart.

    PS: yeah Jolie needs to gain some weight. She's too thin

  2. I was so looking forward to this movie. I love both of those actors. I was so disappointed to read all the bad reviews. Now I may not even see it on DVD. I thought Angelina was amazing in the A Mighty Heart where she played Daniel Pearlman's wife. Now I'd like to see her do a really good comedy. I'm still a fan. And of course, Depp can never do any wrong in my book.

  3. Angelina is getting a little too gaunt, and a little too untouchable, I agree. I didn't see this movie, but it was exactly that cold tone that helped keep me away. That said, she's still very, very hawt, so I'm going to forgive her for now.

  4. I absolutely love these two too, but i'm so not interesting in even a sneak peak into this movie. Now that i've read your review i'm even less interested. I don't really like Johnny Depp in dramas, and you're right, must Angelina always be a spy??

    Thanks so much for stumbling on my blog, and for all your comments! :D I'm just starting out, and i'm already slacking. But i shan't anymore!

    Another thing i love? your awesome writing style- it's relaxed, funny, and so easy to read. Never give it up kay


  5. i saw the movie this weekend with my friends. honestly, i didn't like it, because of AJ. She barely said a word in the movie....She kinda spoiled it. I was disappointed. Thought she was all that, but I guess not.
    On the other hand, JOhnny Depp was the s*it! He was GOOOOD, as always. And he did look hot. lol.

  6. I like Johnny and Angelina, but this movie was lousy. Angelina is becoming more of a cartoon character than an actress. I loved her in "Girl Interrupted" but enough with the superhero woman.

  7. What??? A.Jolie got a golden globe nomination for this role?? They've gotta be kidding.
    I thought the entire move was wack. A real waste of money, I should have waited for it to come to the $1 DVD vending machine.

  8. *sigh of relief* I am happy to know it wasn't just my personal beef for Jolie's hotness rising to the fore. She really did suck!!
    But hey, if you haven't seen the movie you gotta go watch it. She and Brad need all the money the money they can to care for their hoard..

  9. I heard it sucked. But with you review, I'll prolly give it another go.

    Happy belated dearie. I know....I feel bad I missed it.

  10. @LucidL - bring out your baking pans and 'bake me a cake as fast as you can'. then all will be forgiven :).



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