Saturday, February 12, 2011

I've got my cooking mojo back..sort of

I am no Lucid (this blogger can make a mean turtle soup, I am yet to taste though *hint*hint) in the cook department but I know I can keep my man reasonably happy with my expertise in the kitchen. Ginger scores herself 7/10.
Thank you Cartoonstock
But I have a confession. In the last 5 months, my cooking had become sh*tty. Like the bad workman I blamed it on the tools - British salt, British mince, British chicken, British pots, the gas burner, British spice, British rice, British beans etc etc when the only ingredient missing in my recipe was .. PATIENCE.
Even Julie of Julie and Julia acknowledged its importance. And I am confessing to you Blogfam, I am an impatient cook.
Example 1 - I forget to bring out the mince from the freezer and rather than wait for it to thaw, I impatiently begin to make a stir fry. Result - chunks of unseasoned icy meat.

Example 2- To make stew, the Nigerian way, you fry the tomato paste till the moisture is gone and it looks crumbey. Impatient Ginger convinces herself that its healthier not to over-cook the tomatoes (cos she cant wait) then she hates the finished raw tasting tomatoey end product.

Example 3 - Cooking beans has destroyed my pots. I put it on the fire and cause I cant wait the required 40mins cooking time in the kitchen. I go to my room, get wrapped up in facebook, books or blogs and next thing i smell is burning beans!

Example 4 - When my house mates ask what are you cooking, I mumble my answer 'some sort of mishmash'. Cos i am embarrassed they may be curious enough to want to taste. Let my shame stay with me.

Example 5 - Instant noodles are now my favourite dish (3 minutes)!!

Anyway, I finally got tired of eatting crappy food and making excuses for them. Especially after I spent last Sunday in a friend's place and sat with her for 3 hours as she prepared meals for the week. I had to ask myself - Girl, if you cant cook to please yourself how can you please others?

Tuesday evening was a bit free for me. I had bought my turkey mince the evening before and kept it in the fridge. Cook dried my tomato paste. Sauteed the onions, sweetcorn, carrots, peas and pepper. then fried my tomatoes the right way. sauteed the mince. Put it all together  - A big pot of tomato mince stew. I spent 2 hours in the kitchen but it was deliciously worth it.
It looked a lot like this!
On the plus side, my housemates must have thought the washing fairy visited. The only reason I got to stay in the kitchen long enough for my food to cook was washing all the plates in the communal sink. yeah I am nice that way.

Save a life. Cooking ideas/tips people?!


  1. lool. my favorite meal to prepare is noodles too!! :p
    i bet i'm a lot worse in the kitchen. i jst dnt have the energy to spend hours preparing a meal when there are easier alternatives. i also luv to blame "american rice" "american pepper" "american beans" for the reason my carefully prepared cuisines never turn out as good as they should :p
    truth is, i'm an awful cook :( ..need 2 change that ASAP!
    giirl, jst try to be more patient and i'm sure ur dishes would be just fine :)
    PS: u shld have showed a pic of the actual meal u prepared jst to convince us :p JK,lol

  2. Babe , I am more than happy to give you cooking tips. I have recently started a blog but since my camera is messing up I have stalled after 3 recipes. I cooked my best meals when I lived in the UK but it all comesdown to patience. There are also easy recipes you can cook under 30 mins and they will taste as good. Nothing do British salt or pepper, no fall my hand oh. Don't worry we are herenfor you, just holler :)

    Thanks for always stopping by.

  3. I'm am a member of the culinary challenged set, so it's a damn good thing I'm single. Kudos to you for even trying. I've got to say, that tomato mince stew looked damn good. Your housemates should take you OUT to a great dinner now to thank you.

  4. LMAO!!!

    Ahem!! You sooo shouldn't ask me! My mother give me the patience talk just yesterday in fact!


  5. @KitKat - I've been thinking that sometimes lazy can be substituted for impatience.
    @Mamuje - Easy and 30mins cooking sound excellent. I can taste it already. Babe, where's the blog?
    @Jayne - It looked so good, I packed it off to the freezer so I don't finish it off in one go. You culinary challenged? well, your blog feed me quite well thank you.
    @Adiya - Thankfully my mom has lost interest in the kitchen unless I would be getting those kinda talks too. My sisters do their share though..

  6. abeg, as y'all say, PREPARING BEANS is my worst nightmare. I remember i bought fresh beans and I wasnt sure if it was to just boil them, so I asked my neighbour and he said I could.
    So i was super excited, cause I was eating if with something similar to garri, so the beans were "done"..... i started eating and they were HARD. didnt have a good night sleep!

    missed u GiGi.

  7. LMAO at impatience. I will tell you that I am also impatient. That is why I divide my cooking into two: Prep Time and Cook Time.

  8. @Ify - Beans and stew making ehh? Well, I try to make them in large proportions when i do make them. So they can laasst!

    @Lucid - Yeah,lol. Prep time can take upwards of 2 hrs or 2 months.

  9. How to cook beans with no tears? Invest in a pressure cooker.
    Coming to this late...but hope my advice is still timely.



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