Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love and Other Drugs

In honor of the love bug month,  saw this movie last night. And it made me equal parts happy and sad...I cried me a river though I can’t remember why or what triggered it off. Did I mention love stories make me cry here??
Plot: Jamie, a charming lady loving pharmaceutical salesman and Maggie Murdock, an artist, two people who believe that relationships should operate on a 'no strings attached' policy begin one for all the right reasons - lust and more lust. But what started without plans to continue, continues without a plan to end. Jamie a charming lady loving pharmaceutical salesman meets Maggie Murdock an artist
The good – the chemistry between Jamie(Jake Gyllenhall) and Maggie (Anne Hathaway).......sizzled. Or maybe it was all that nudity.
I could relate on so many levels to Jamie the salesman and the struggle to achieve those seemingly insurmountable targets (I’ve worked in marketing aka sales for a Nigerian bank). I could relate to the underhanded games salespeople play – bribing the receptionist, PA, the boss himself. I thought the movie treated it with a good balance of reality and fun.
I totally loved Jamie the Lothario. They didn’t demonise him as most movies could and would do. He was just good with the ladies and they loved him like that; quid pro quo. He is uber cute to boot that makes him unblameable in my books.
Maggie as the woman who was scared to trust the love of a normal man because of her Parkinson’s disease gave a sensitive but terrific performance.
I think Anne Hathaway has finally come into her place as an adult actress. I know I would never think of her as a teeny-bopper again. Again, maybe it was all that nudity and flashing boobs....... I loved the romantic build up, the peak (Jamie sleeping overnight in his car waiting for her bus to return from Canada), their relationship. I also think Parkinson’s disease was treated with delicacy and understanding.

The bad – I am torn between appreciating the comic relief that was Josh (Jamie’s brother) or really hating him. I think between his crude jokes and that clichéd romcom ending, they lost this movie some deserved nominations. Even if it's not the Academy Awards.

Ginger scores it 6.5/10

p.s. Would it have been so bad if Jake left her? Not because she had Parkinson’s but because he was true to himself that he wasn’t man enough to be there for her?

p.p.s. Just checked Anne and Jake did get nominated in the Globes best actress/actor category but didn’t win. Cool.


  1. anh anh..6.5/10 after all the praises u showered on it?lol.. havent watched it but i'm a huge fan of jake(i think he's hella sexy), and anne has always been a delight to watch.
    but this ur 6.5/10 is turning me off,lol.. i dnt wanna watch a movie thats jst slightly above average

  2. I have watched this and even though I enjoyed it in some places, the film was way too long, mostly because of the unnecessary sex scenes. Most of the time, I just wanted them to move on...lol. Its almost "ok". A 4 or 5. But Yeah, I did laugh out loud in some places, I just wished they did not drag out the scenes...

  3. I think this is one I will have to watch myself. Turtle is not a "chick flick" kinda dude and trust me, he will label this a chick flick.

  4. After reading the comments, it looks like I won't be seeing this movie b/c the only time I can watch a movie is when my ten year old daughter is around. DANG!

  5. Nahh. I'm not planning on watching this movie, even though Jake is in it (loooove him). I steer away from romance mostly, except it's a comedy. Anne is actually a turn-off for me cause i don't like her (don't know why)

  6. This sounds a bit too chick flick for me and Alex. I might watch it when it comes on cable when he's traveling.

  7. Well I cried twice at Star Trek, so I'd best have the extra large box of tissues handy if I sat down with this one.

  8. Kitkat, I dont impress that easily :). Actually its more like I am trying to be objective. Secret - my purely romcom side will give it 8.5/10

    Waffarian come on!! 5/10?? you're rating Jake's hot body boring?? sexiest man alive? where's your glasses!

    Lucid - I think so too. Turtle might enjoy Jake the salesman's antics. but the love part is definitely mushy chick! Interestingly the friend that recommended it doesnt do chick flick usually. Infact it made me err .rethink my views about him

    Katherine - Nope not for the tender eyes of a 10 yr old. bummer!

    Adiya - you don't do romance? and I was looking forward to hearing your comments on it. You prefer Horror?

    Mom, I will send you hankies. Cos you re gonna cry some.

    Hi Tattytiara. lol. Get cucumber slices too to make the puffy eyes go away. Thanks for dropping by..



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