Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Tshirt is a Man Magnet

So last Saturday, I ran out of things to wear. More like, I was lazy about dressing up and I picked up this T shirt given to me by a long separated boyfriend. I have barely worn it three times since I got it. (The dark red and black colors are not nice for my skin hue nor the vertical stripes especially when you are slim and don’t have a 34D to carry it off!). The back bears my name and the No 9 – Ginger the Striker!!!

Anyway, there I was feeling part normal and part ugly-dressed, when I notice I am getting meaningful stares and smiles. From guys.
Then a cutie walks by says hi and goes ‘You are an ACM fan? That’s really cool’.
It took me 70 secs to remember what ACM was. And I then I answer, ‘Ehhh, not really. I don’t even know the players’.
Cool Beckham played for them in 2009
What’s wrong with me? How about a flirty lie like ‘Oh I just LOVE their play! What do you think of their 2011 team?’. That would have started a conversation which could have led to lunch; then movies; then dinner etc etc.
Lesson learnt: The next time I wear a brand fan T shirt, I should know just a bit about them so I don’t seem like an airhead.  

Men and football. Can one do without the other?


  1. ouch. lol
    yea u shld have said something vague bout them and maybe gotten a date for u in the process,lol.
    sowi sha.. lesson learnt :p

  2. We're never going to get you a man unless you figure this one out, my darling niece. Then you'll have to become a lesbian and we'll have to spend most of our time at the family picnics explaining to the old folks why you and Lisa got married and like to hold hands in public.


  3. Yep! Men just love their football. Was the guy really hawt? if yes then Gings, you gotta give me that T-shirt. Lol.

  4. Honey, you need to figure out the football business. Of course what they call football in the UK is not what we do in the US. I'm fine here, but would be hard pressed to impress the blokes over there.

  5. Okay...this is totally true...I have a Pink Floyd t-shirt that I call a "white boy magnet." I mean, any time I wear it, I get approached my white dudes who say, "awesome shirt" or "you a pink floyd fan?"

    I CANNOT pick out a Pink Floyd song from a line up!

  6. definately a missed opportunity. as 4 seperating Men and Football, I have heard rumours, but have never been presented with proof positive of it having EVER been done.
    lol at Lucidlilith picking a Pink Floyd song out in a line up.

  7. lol...sorry u missed out on a potential date...lesson learnt for next time.

  8. @Kitkat- its a learning process. I'm learning to be less honest.
    @Uncle Mike - sigh too. I promise not to be the black Ewe at family events.
    @LilyJ - let me try it one more time. If it doesnt work, I will send it over to you.
    @Jaycee & BP - laugh away.
    @Mom - I am trying to. ManU, ManC, Wolves and Foxes etc
    @LL - I am not alone, Lucid is with me :)
    @WittyF - I heard that rumor too. wh dont they like fashion shows like that??
    @AnodaPhase - lol,I know. Thanks for reading and commenting

  9. Couldn't help but laugh at this one too..
    You write well, Ginger.

    - LDP

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