Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deliverance needed!

Dear Deliverer, Prayer Warrior, Priestess,
I need to be delivered of the spirit of forgetfulness/carelessness. 
What do you need?
The tooth of a chameleon? The tail of a Cheshire cat? Cinderella’s white slipper? A Cross? Jerusalem Holy Water?
Ask and I shall find…

Yours Sincerely

p.s. Criteria required of Deliverer –
Any member of Mountain and Fire Ministries, Nigeria
An alumnus of Hogwarth’s school of Witchcraft and Wizardry (minus Voldemort and cohorts)
Alumnus of Okija Shrine
Any Catholic Priest
Any Pentecostal Pastor
Any Haitian Voodoo priestess
Resume must also show that you have performed this type of deliverance successfully. Please state email and number of 'deliverees' who are willing to be your reference.
Seriously people I have had a most miserable week. I misplaced my flash drive on Thursday. Thankfully I located it at the library on Friday
I misplaced my railcard pouch which contained my railcard(this is one of the best gifts UK gives its students. It slashes 30% of your train tickets), my Oyster card (another great transport freebie which reduces your tube fair by 16%) and my return tickets to Durham (I was in London for the weekend). Gist follows after the exorcism.
Monday – I misplaced my gloves
Tuesday- I misplaced my flash drives again. This time 2. I knew I had forgotten them in the library but how careless can I get? Those flash drives contained my assignment.
Wednesday – I have just realised my debit card is missing. Last used on Monday at Tesco. Tesco said it’s not with them. Bank has assured me that no unauthorised withdrawals have been made. I think its somewhere in my room but where?
One more search then I call for a new one tomorrow. Hoping I don't discover another missing item by then....

Tell me people, don’t I need prayers? 


  1. :(
    sometimes when i misplace something and i need to right away, i start crying while looking for it. especially a debit card! almost get a heartattack.
    yeah, girl, u need them.

    you know what?
    master cards, debit cards etc. should have like this alarm thing. like when u press a remote, it goes *peep, peep* so you can easily locate your card under a mountain of clothes or such.

  2. Haaa. You need some memory aides. In the US, there is a pill for that. In fact, there is a pill for everything here. Do you know that I just realized that?

  3. Ginger! Stop this right now! Get some safety pins and pin the important stuff to your undergarments! And, since you are unlikely to remove clothing at school, you will not lose things!

  4. Mom!! you cracked me up with that answer.
    LL- lol. who said I cant misplace the pill bottle too?
    BP - Beeping ATM cards sounds like an idea that should be patented :). Pls write to Visa Card makers...

  5. aww poor baby. whats wrong? ..a case of slippery fingers huh?lol
    sowi bout the terrible week.. u need safety pins,lool!..i'll recommend deliverance from mountain of fire ministeries..heard their magic..oops! miracles, really do work :)

  6. truly is getting out of hand. ill say a prayer for u. I think mine is the other way around....very forgetful when i try to be careful. I tried to store my NI card in a safe place...till date I cant find it in all the safe places my mind would have directed me to keep them. Cant find my barclays card reader as well so no online both need prayers

  7. Welcome to my world. If I didn't wander from room to room trying to remember why the hell I came in there I'd get no cardio workout at all.

    Blueberries are supposed to be good for cognitive function. I'm going to start downing them till I pee blue.

  8. You need prayers. Actually, we all do, but you need them more than the rest of us right now. The flash drives and credit cards are serious. Scary. What do you think is wrong?

  9. have you heard of busy life syndrome. it makes you forget alot of stuff. still pray about it

  10. hahaha... I couldn't help but laugh.
    Serious deliverance needed indeed! lol
    I try not forget stuffs by writing down but what about the stuffs you can't possibly write down? Hmm... Erm.. you need prayers. lol

    - LDP

  11. OK, I'm forming a social media-induced prayer circle for you my friend. And how funny that you should mention the Oyster card as this is the 2nd time in my LIFE that I'd ever heard of such a thing and the first time was just last week. Boy, stick with you and I could learn a few things because at some point I'm moving to England because I can't get enough of your delayed TV shows in the U.S. And when are we going to get Doc Martin already???? I'm dying over here. Has the new season started there yet?

  12. You need the tooth of a chameleon, tail of a Cheshire cat, Cinderella’s white slipper, a cross and Jerusalem Holy Water? No problem! I'll just get...

    ...oh wait...

    ...where did I put them?

    Losing my debit card is one of my worst fears. Hope it shows up soon!

  13. Wow!! You DO need that deliverance- from bad luck. The Hogwarts alumni should have a spell for that!

    Sorry dearie. Hope you find them


  14. Update - I haven't found the debit card. Have ordered a new one with the bank. Thanks for all your prayers, spells, busy life/slippery theories and blueberry remedies :).

    For those interested, lets do it - start a Forgetful Anonymous.....

  15. I would totally attend Forgetful Anonymous meetings! At least once a week I put my coffee in the microwave to heat it up, then spend the next 20 minutes searching for it. If you find a cure, let me in on it :)



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