Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Kids are alright

Plot: A lesbian couple have reached some knotty midlife phase in their marriage. On the surface everything looks alright - Nic (Annette Bening)the breadwinner is a successful doctor and very sure of her place in the world. Jules (Julianne Moore) the housewife isn't as sure – she feels unappreciated by Nic and she’s not a success at starting a personal business. Their otherwise good kids in their bid to untangle the mystery of their birth, introduce a 5th wheel into the close family = their sperm donor Paul (Mark Ruffalo). What do you think happens when an unappreciated housewife meets an appreciative man??

The director of this movie Lisa Cholodenko has to be given a thumbs up for compelling viewers to confront the controversial topic of gay marriage wearing a kinder pair of lens.
Great points - If they were trying to sell lesbian marriage (actually they weren’t) they did it excellently. This was my first time of seeing or imagining the internal workings of a gay family. And guess what I found? It is similar with other love and life experiences. Betrayal means the same. It hurts as much. Trust is vital. Forgiveness is divine. Relationships are hard work!

You also gotta give the movie points for being grounded in strong family ideals - perfect teenage kids who play Scrabble with their friends, respect their parents, the 17yr old daughter had to get drunk before she had the nerve to kiss her crush!!
I think the female perspective was also illuminating. Nothing like women to know how to be tender, selfish, hurtful and hurting all at this same time.
I loved and sympathized with dear potential home wrecking Paul(didn't you love that sexy blend of laid-backtitude and success?) who thought all his bread had been buttered at one go - Hot wife - Readymade children. No sire, you don't reap a harvest just cause you sowed a teaspoon of sperm - admitted it was excellent genetic material...

The performances of the five main characters were terrific. Nic especially (Bening). During that face off towards the end between her and Paul, one couldn’t help but acknowledge that she was the alpha male fighting for her territory. She was the man!
No wonder she was a ringer for the best actress award.

Looking back ‘The Kids are alright’ had a strong suit for the best picture Academy award (they won best picture - comedy in the Golden globes). It wasn’t as exhilarating/feel-good as The King’ s speech. It was about a perfectly imperfect family. The kind that look good on the outside but have hidden murky undertones. The kind you see every day. It was about parents that realize that though they are not perfect they have managed to raise Kids who are alright. It’s an important blessing to acknowledge.

I think even Sarah Palin can’t find much to fault about this movie.

Ginger scores it 7/10

p.s.  So over to the guys….I would love to be a fly in Elton John and partner’s home.

p.p.s This is not a criticism but heck I wouldn’t want to be raised by two hormonal women… Imagine growing up with your mom and her bff!!

p.p.p.s – Was Nic supposed to be bisexual? If no, then her adulterous liaison with Paul feeds into the stereotype of lesbians being man-starved despite appearances. IMO.


  1. I totally loved this movie, but I love just about anything Annette Bening is in. And Nic having sex with Paul really didn't bother me but the two women watching male gay porn creeped me out.

    I'd give it 8 out of 10 and I might even watch it again.

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  3. havent watched it but it sounds real good!
    u're so good at this hey, u should be a movie critic or sumn :p
    mwah :*

  4. I'm actually curious about this cause i want to see the inner workings of a lesbian marriage- i cant even imagine what it's like. But mehn, betrayal in there and you've got to deal with not one hormonal emotional woman, but two


  5. the movie seems funny . i wonder tho about the inner workings of a lesbian family with children. I think u need sperm and egg to make babies for a good reason...jus sayin

  6. I hadn't heard of that one - I'll watch for it in the library when it comes out on dvd.

  7. I was going to see it, but I heard there weren't any girl-girl sex scenes and I lost interest.

  8. Actually, gay couples are exactly like straight couples. Don't kid yourself. People are people.

  9. @Jayne - lol. that part was creepy. funnier was when Jules was trying to explain that to the son.
    @Adiya - I wonder what happens when PMS strikes!
    @Mbabazi - we have technology to thank for that. you can still have the sperm without the relationship.
    @KitKat - I try my luv. Thanks.
    @TattyTiara - do watch. you'd thank me :)
    @Mike - Good decison. the girl on girl was the silliest. They knew about people like you..
    @Mom - True words Mom. true words. We are just human beings.

  10. I've missed your blogs, I think something must be up with my reader. This is a great review, I watched King's Speech instead, but will def be picking it up on DVD.

  11. Can't wait to see it. Do you think turtle will qualify this as a "chick flick"



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