Monday, March 21, 2011

An Update of Sorts

Hi Blogfam,
End of term finally came on Friday and to celebrate I went on an internet detox. No FB, no blogging, no chat if I could help it, no mails. It was wonderful.  Just eating sleeping and getting meself some good old TLC.
Though I missed you all I knew I needed my sanity back. I’ve finally lost the bags under me eyes after sleeping for 9hrs at a stretch. My forehead acne is receding and hopefully I am through with misplacing things..:)
So how have you all been? Keeping healthy I hope. Had a good gander at my legs on Saturday and realized they are looking haut! All the winter sheathing in jeans and tights has got the skin looking fairer and feeling softer but also hairier..….
The stress and bad meals have got my stomach flat (no gym or weight watchers for me), and the Body Shop Tea Tree cosmetic range from my girlfriend Loh (She is a body shop consultant check her facebook page here) has got my blemishes fleeing back whence they came from. The fade lotion contains Tamanu oil which I hear is wonderful for skin, Amen to that!)
So yay, bring it on Spring/Summer I am ready for ya!!! Just need to go shopping for some cute shorts like this ….
Image from
 Watched Kickass for the fifth time this weekend, Taken for the first time. Great action movies for those who hate romance like Adiya!!

And if you love romance, gotta plug you in to this movie ‘Playing by heart’! Review coming up soon.
Well, I am off to catch up on all your lives last week. Hope I haven’t missed much.

Love you berry, berry much..


  1. Screw the cute shorts. How much do those legs cost!

  2. Oh my gosh...I LOVE those two movies. Both were awesome in their own way. Loved, loved, loved them. Wow. Those short shorts will sure get you in trouble this summer...with the hot legs and all. Be careful now, lol.

  3. Nice of you to keep us updated. I am loving the shots.....and the movies.. Lovely, I just got back from seeing Unknown with Liam Neeson...nice. Have a great week.

  4. I have not seen any of the movies, would make sure to watch them....and those shorts...hmmmm

    Enjoy your week.

  5. ooh someone has been having some "her" time. i need "me" time too :/
    i think i'm too much of a computer geek to live without it though lol

  6. " They're going to take you" that's my favorite quote from that movie. I wanna see unknown though.

    hiya lady.

  7. Hey,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yeah, you been to coko bar before? how did you like that BMouth show?
    I'm a fan of The Body shop for the face moisturizer, scrub, body butter (finishes quickly, and face masks. But the tea tree collection does not seem to work for me. I have the face wash, I think that it is just foam, nothing actually cleanses my face cos i can still wipe some dirt off my forehead after using the face wash. Oh well, use it and write a review :)

  8. A pretty penny NGIP. A pretty penny. I think mine look a bit like that too. let me get the shorts and you can tell me :)
    @Jaycee - Ahh a Kickass fan..yay!! I love love that movie. About the hotpants, girl I need me some trouble!!
    @Mamuje - Will look out for that. Those shorts are cool aint they?
    @Lara - Pls make time out to see 'em. Movies are my reward for hardwork :)
    @Kitkat - Me time is necessary dear.I dont know how you do it bloghopping and all. I barely manage...but its all good.
    @Niceanon - Hi Stranger. My fave line was 'goodluck' Will inbox you soonest.

  9. @Clara - Thanks and nice to see you here.
    @Yinkuslolo - Thanks for coming over. Haven't been to the bar but heard about it from reliable sources. They say its the centre for all things 'African entertainment'.
    The face wash doesn't really clean. But maybe cos I love me tough astringents. Mosturizing washes just don't do it for me. I still feel the grime after use.
    BasketMouth show review coming up soon.

  10. Sweetie, get you rest. It's only for a short spell. If you had a pimple on your forehead, you'd still be gorgeous so I'm not worried. Kickass was your Dad and my favorite!

  11. LOL Ginger! I LOOOOVED Kick Ass and Taken. Some of my top favs oh! But babe, 5th time? That's crazy lol!! Welcome back- all refreshed :D


  12. wow, arent you so lucky!

    Eye bags gone, legs fresh, stomach flat, skin glowing? My hips and stomach currently look like the Himalayas!

    I am now following you for tips oh!
    Thanks dear


  13. I like those shorts.

    Forgot what the post was about. Went back to read it, got distracted by the shorts again, gave up.

    Sorry. I'm an ass. Speaking of ass....

  14. Taken is an absolutely good movie. Oh, I enjoyed watching any movie by that guy (cant remember is name). Have you seen Unknown? His new movie? Awesome!

    - LDP



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