Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate weds Will

So I thought i wasnt interested in the Royal wedding, but i went visiting and well, where two or three women are gathered together, entertainment reigns. My commentaries:
  • Only Queen Eliza can get away with a yellow outfit.
  • Camilla. Camilla. Who dressed you? I dont mind the classic style but the colour wasnt on.
  • Children will be children. Did you see the little flower girl holding on to her garland? Lol.
  • For the first time, i looked at Prince Charles and thought he was handsome. Maybe Cam is really good for him.
  • Kate Middleton sorry the princess of Cambridge is one lucky and beautiful girl. As i watched her drive down with her father, i wondered if the parents ever thought their little girl will become royalty. And i thought of all the fathers who treat their daughters like second class citizens...sigh.
  • Prince Will and Kate really love each other. Did you see them hold their gaze as they said their vows. Will was holding her hand and you could see the tenderness and encouragement, like he was saying 'Go on. I love you'.
For Kate's sake, I miss Diana. Compared to her a Grandma in law, Diana would have been a treat.
My gf said her kids must go to St Andrew's University and as for me, I am now more convinced that Frogs are not for me! I want a Prince.


  1. LOL @ Frogs comment
    My hubby has actually watched it more than I did.
    I've always been the impatient one.
    I'm just glad for the day off!

  2. hahaha @ marrying a prince. I also thought about the father probably never thinking his daughter will be royalty. Life can be amazing and unpredictable.

  3. Funny post. I wanna marry a prince too!
    I love Kate's dress.

  4. lol @ the frog statement.
    I guess I am one of the few who missed the live broadcast.

  5. omg i've been beeshing bout hw i'm tired of all the royalty wedding hype but since today i've been oohing and aahing over all the pics of their wedding.
    I'm in love with them both. i wish they cld adopt me as their royal kitty or sumn :p
    i'm done with all these commoners, i "must to" marry a EUROPEAN prince!! :D

  6. I want a prince too :'( Let me target Harry hehe. I wasn't really interested in the whole thing, though i did see some scenes here and there. Kate is really pretty and sweet-looking. Did you see how buff Harry was? hehe


  7. hehehehhe..
    Dont give up too easily o. You dont know how many frogs Kate came in contact with b4 Will o

  8. They are so gorgeous! Alex even got tears in his eyes! (Your daddy can be such a little girl sometimes!) You will find a prince. I have no question!

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  10. maybe I should have gone to St Andrews instead of

  11. You know what dress I think stole the show? The one worn by best woman of honor, whatever that's called - the woman holding the bride's train, anyway. Gorgeous cut, gorgeous fit, and so insanely elegant.

  12. See you romanticizing the whole thing like he was cheering her on like "go on I love you" as if you dey for his mind. LOL

    I felt that too . I feel the love is there and they just need to keep doing what they've done these past 9 years and they'll be just fine.
    I didn't get into it really but I've watched enough of it to know that they are truly in love.

    Best of wishes to them

  13. Meen,babe,the hype tire me!!I see the beauty in most things but 24hour coverage in the major TV stations? Talkless of newspaper and online chatter? haba.

    Everything the royals do are carefully scripted and choreographed so what you saw was just filmtrick. The queen probably did similar moves, as did Prince Charles. The only new thing there was the second kiss.

    That said I liked the fact that they dated for 9years, and that they were agemates.


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  14. I wish William had married me. I'd have worn a see-through dress and heels for him. I'd have worn anything for a sizeable share of the royal treasury.

  15. I thought the Queen looked absolutely lovely in that yellow outfit. I'm dying to know what Kate will call her now in private? Grand-MuhMa?

  16. @Naija Mum - when is the next bank holiday??!!
    @Prism - Copy! Can you imagine how the rep of the family has been pushed up by this one marriage??
    @Ope - me too. She is as skinny as me so I know the dress will look good on me.
    @Lara - hope you've seen it now :)
    @Kitkat - lol@royal kitty. great idea!
    @Adiya - heard Harry is dating a south African. not too far from Naija is he?
    @Honey - i have kissed enough o jare. where is my princely reward?

  17. @Mom - Dad cried. Awww. thats even sweeter.
    @Vyvyka - its not too late girl!
    @Tattytiara - Pippa the brides sister right??! True, her dress was pure understated elegance.
    @Niceanon - 9 years?? you dont say! That's longer than some marriages!
    @Mena - tsk tsk tsk. dont beef girl :). Choreographed or not that ring exchange touched me. that was all the love evidence i needed.
    @Uncle Mike - lmao.. i would too.
    @Jayne - GrandMuhma will do ever so nicely, but I somehow doubt that they are so informal:(

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