Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My love dont weigh a thing: SumoWrestlers

I was thinking about fat guys and Sumo wrestlers came to mind…...these guys weigh an average of 350 pounds (160kg) to 500 pounds (227kg) ….and the thought popped in my head ‘What kind of woman or should I say size of woman marries them?’

Answer – Small Beautiful Japanese Women!
In fact contrary to what we think, top sumo wrestlers are considered very sexy by many Japanese women.

I am trying hard not to think of bed gymnastics but I wonder if they sign a no-suffocation pre-nuptial clause. Me thinks it is veerrry important.
Meanwhile the above sumo wrestler Yokozuna Asashoryu, has since separated from the wife. Or more like Wife ran away with her kids. Rumor has it that he was physically abusing her.
I. Don’t. Want. To. Think. About. It.

P.S. If you want to learn more about sumo wrestlers you can read these links here and here and here. It is quite an interesting ‘way of life’. Not for the faint hearted or lazy like you may have thought!
According to a rumor in Korea, attractive young women marry sumo wrestlers because they hope the wrestler’s obesity will lead to an early death and the young women will inherit their money. Japanese claim this rumor isn't true.
What do you think?


  1. There is no smoke without fire. I am sure one or two japanese women married sumo wrestlers for monetary gain after his death but they wont admit it. Nice post

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  3. OMG! Like those guys are bigggg! Gings girl, you gotta watch Notorious to see how Big guys get down. Use to wonder myself but ermmm, they really don't have much of a problem if the lady is 'how do i put this?' Yeah! on top of her game. Lolzz.
    Yokozuna abused his wife!? Lol at them waiting for their death to inherit their money. They'd feel they deserved it because the amount of time they'd spent in the kitchen cooking to fill up that stomach. That aint nice though

  4. omg i cnt even imagine how he was physically abusing her *shudders*..i'll be scared to marry anyone that huge b4 they pound me to a pulp when they're pissed,lol. and why is his trophy extra large too?smh

  5. Ewwww! How can any woman find them sexy? Yuck! God (forgive me). I am not a fan of fat guys *shudders*. If i marry one of these men, i am dead!

  6. GINGER!!!!!!!!!!! You have a dirty mind! wetin ur mind see go bed gymnastics ehn? lol. YOu need cleansing.
    BUt wait, na true o. see that tiny wife? Chei! NO wonder the ran away! I agree with you.

    Just imagine that man gets angry and decides to hand you one slap? haha

    - LDP

  7. Professeur, dirty mind In fact let me expound - Can you imagine this guy turning over on the bed and half-lying on his wife? Even putting his arms around her could cause a sprain.
    I can imagine him carrying her up (baby style) to kiss shaa. yep my mind is in over-drive

  8. Okeoghene - There's no smoke without fire indeed, but considering that most famous sumo wrestlers are in their twenties...the scheming wife or mistress must be patient or worse a

    @Kitkat- that big trophy beats me too!

    @Lily - you just brought up a good point - i didnt even think about the cooking involved. See stress. They must use a cauldron too cook!

    @Ope - I wonder too. The guys are like thrice my size..

  9. Jockeys who ride race horses usually marry very tall women. They really go for the Vegas showgirl types. I think Sumo Wrestlers would be difficult to cuddle with, unless it's really cold, you know?

  10. No pun intended, but I'm thinking, as you said the wife of the above Yoko-guy ran away from him with her kids? How did they (husband and wife) do it (make the babies) in the first place?

  11. Hahhaahhaha! Geez! How do they do IT? Maybe she's always on top?? Heehehe. Why is it that there are so many stories of wife battering among men who wrestle and box? They have too much aggression. I'll check out the sumo thingy

    And Ginger, you won't kill me with laugh with you comments on my blog! No P, i'll email you lunch tomorrow :p :D


  12. Sex amongst Sumos? Woman on top through out na.

    Besides the bigger they are, the more in common they seem to have with females. They seem to grow huge moobs (men boobs), huge ass, thighs and laps, and will definitely be soft and cuddly with all that fat(As opposed to hardness like men should be) and you know Japanese men are already quite feminine looking with their hairless bodies and the delicate facial structures. Perhaps their penis's also regress bit by bit to clitoris size sef? just hasking.

    Another thing is they cant possibly live very long with the amount of weight they carry na.

    As for the Asashoryu, meh, no be today, marriages are breaking up everyhere


  13. Mena!!!!lol. I didnt want to go to the penis size but hmmm I wondered too. They don't exactly seem well hung for all their size do they? lol.
    Even the woman on top you all are suggesting must be a strain for the lady. The girth of the waist and her short legs wrapping around it. Okay I am out!! it is not my business joh!

  14. Well recently i was exactly do "bigger people" go about it in bed. So,i did a little online search and ehmmm,the results were not very comfortable. Serious!
    For the guy,yes indeed,i am certain that for most,the sizes which shoulda been fairy distributed to the "other regions" have all gone awry,leaving not left to behold down there.Talk less of,if the woman isnt ready to be the generous rider, then he is screwed for the night!

    And as per the women...i dare say it's even worse.

    I've got love for all people,but seriously,people ought to watch that weight and save themselves the unnecessary stress!

  15. Sumo wrestling, steeped in religious tradition as it is, is one of the strangest sports on earth. And I have no idea how they father children. Makes no sense.



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