Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bag Lady

The yet unseen but beautiful-souled Naija Mum in London tagged me in this meme. I am torn between hugging her and pinching her blue for making me up-end my bag's content.The good news is I found a two pound coin during the spring cleaning. The bad - I found mouldy crumbly bits of weeks old chocolate...i kid.

Bag lady - 'a homeless woman who carries all her possessions with her in shopping bags'
I am not homeless... but I do believe in preparing for unforseen exigencies - hence the reason for the big bag. It was a gift from my Sister over a year ago. I finally put it to good use this year.

Pile of textbooks - My days of lugging these heavy textbooks will soon be over. but for today, they shall have their 15 mins of fame. msheew.
Umbrella – For the unpredictable British weather..
Bus Schedule- I always have some transport schedule or map with me. don’t ask me why!!
Pens – I go out with 3 pens in the morning. At the end of the day, sometimes I come back with none. Sometimes I come back with 7. Yay!!
My School ID pouch – takes care of other cards too – debit card, Tesco club card, railcard, oyster card (for that trip to good ole London).
My rosary – I am a good Catholic I am. When I have a long walk ahead of me, I whip it out and have me some God-time.
Single key chain – The same key lets me into my house and my room. I have never misplaced it. Amazing!
Oil stained paper bag from Dunelm stores – Was the former custodian of the best blueberry muffin in Durham. I’m an addict.
Black diary – Note it is 2011. This is the first time that I started the year with a diary of same year. Thanks Prof.
Orange cover notebook – almost full and looking tatty but I remain loyal.
Nacet blade pack-  I think its a habit from Vet days that I always carry blades. Good for quick surgeries – cloth surgery, nail surgery, hair surgery. I had to wait till a friend visited from Naija to replace my old pack. I didn’t know they don’t sell blades in the UK. Whyever??
Tesco glue stick – have you ever been at the post office with a letter or card to post and the envelope flap refuses to stick? Happened to me a number of times. So I got me this stick.
Lip gloss, Revlon eye pencil, mascara, eye liner – Believe me people, I do my make-up on the go - without a mirror – and it looks good if I might say so.
p.s. Missing from the pix is a bottle of water and my lap top (Yes I carry my good old 12" HP DV6000 laptop around with me most times).
............If my shoulder could talk, it would curse me out for the stress I put it through.
Who to tag?? YOU!


  1. OMG you carry your laptop with you everywhere? :P
    if your shoulders could cry...
    your bag is cute hey :)

  2. I like your bag, Ginger. You carry a lot of stuff like me. But, I do not carry my laptop. My shoulders would be cursing me.

  3. Nice bag. I have tried carrying my lappy around brfore. I was in pain for weeks. So 'up Ginger!'

  4. Blushing furiously re: '....but beautiful-souled Naija Mum in London' I feel honoured - and I hope I live up to that, when we do meet up.
    LOL @'The good news is I found a two pound coin during the spring cleaning'
    Re: Rosary - I'm also a Catholic...not sure if I'm a good one though. I like to call myself a 'work-in-progress' LOL
    Re: 'Blades in UK'....I guess it must be because of all the crazies and suicidal people out there ???
    Re: 'Glue stick'- I always smile nicely and ask the counter staff to stick a cellotape on the letter flap. Works everytime.

    Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated

  5. So blades arent sold in the UK... studies must have shown how much of 'butchering' skill the english folks have!

    Glue and post office??? Cant remember the last time I posted a letter!

  6. I love the bag, nothing like some daytime sequins!

    They sell blades, you just need to know where.

    I would have got them and posted them to you but they would probably arrest me and you in the process!

  7. I love the bag! Very chic! Now, girl, stop carrying all that weight on one side. Get another bag and split your stuff evenly so you don't wreck your back, your neck, and your shoulder!

  8. Ehen!

    You cant go wrong with mascara,lipgloss and eyeliner ojare. My kine pelzon! lolz

    My sister, Thanks for your lovely additions to my sarcastic book titles, i was roflmao's in the middle of better meeting.


  9. Wow, you really are prepared. I'm so not. I usually forget my phone. :)

  10. Thanks people. If you say that bag is cute, then it is...deep inside i know its a 'next' sack!
    @Kitkat-My laptop is my personal pda thats why. When get my own Ipad, our romance will be over..so over!

    @Rachna - lol. I am investing in chronic back ache for the future. sad

    @LilyJ - Yes oo. Power to the people :)

    @NaijaMum - We are all works in progress :)
    I have tried asking for tape luv. either my post office people dont have or they are just miserly.

    @P.E.T- Welcome!!!
    Pls dont forgot the art of writing letters oo. Some pple (me) still appreciate it. As for suiciders, thats a knee jerk reaction from the polity then. And silly. They should ban kitchen knives too.

    @Pretty Lashes - Welcome sexy lashes :). lol at being arrested for assisted suicide. Abeg email the shop address.

    @Mom - I hear you Ma. I do try to alternate the shoulders, lolss.

    @Mena - My dear, I totally agree. less is more. Thanks :)

    @Mary - Welcome!!!!
    I can relate. I spend half of my time searching for my phone cos it usually gets lost in that cavernous bag. So I make sure i wear clothes that have deep pockets :)

  11. Ha! Loving this meme- it's so interesting. You're the first i'm seeing with a rosary and actual text books! lol.Stay tuned for mine soon :D


  12. You carry your laptop around? and all those books? well your bag is big enough...

    You can find blades here in the UK - I just discovered a few months ago...ask in your local hair store (as in a store where hair products are sold) for Wilkinson razor blades - it comes in a pack of 5.

  13. Never misplaced your keys?
    Pray for me please, so I can be like you like that :o)
    Co-sign "beautiful-souled Naija Mum in London" I haven't met her too, but she's been a blessing to me.



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