Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodluck and family

So, since the presidential inauguration, the picture below has been making the round on Nigerian sites. This is a picture of our ‘young’ President and his perfect family of 4.
 I must say, that despite my deep loathing for the political party he represents, despite my doubt that he will achieve much during his 4 years of Presidential rule (I am willing to eat my words come 2015), my heart was warmed by this picture of family harmony. And that is why I am blogging about it..too tell you what this simple picture meant to me.

First, If you’ll could pause for a minute and think…you’d realize how unique this is…to see the president of Nigeria presented to us as a family man. Most other Nigerian presidents have been polygynists with the favoured wife reigning as Queen aka First Lady. Nigerians knew there were other wives, other children (in fact plenty children e.g. Obasanjo) and we knew Nigeria’s fortune was being distributed amongst them all(Office of the first son of Nigeria..etc), but when you don't know them, how can you point fingers? How can you hold the children accountable? How can you hold their Father accountable for them? We hear of Governors opening Swiss accounts in their 1st Lady's name. Now imagine when he actually has 5 wives' names to play with. Where do you start investigating.....just saying. So yes, this was a good move by Jonathan and I hope he has set a precedence for other Presidents..

Second, from the venomous comments made  on Linda Ikeji’s blog by anonymous vipers (aren’t they always!!), I gather that the kids are not Patience’.
Why that should attract opprobrium I can’t understand. If her reproductive organs failed her so what? When did that become a crime?  A reason for scorn? Isn’t this the 21st century? Is she less of a woman? Do young people, especially the young women commenting on that site really really still think like that? (shudders).
Today I stand Patience’ ally. Whatever her ‘plessing umblerric’ problems, I can empathise with a woman who has to go through childlessness in a judgmental society like ours….. And yet she walks with her head held high, basking in her husband’s love. Me likey!

A corollary to that is that I have also developed an admiration for Jonathan Goodluck. As a Nigerian man. As a husband. We know that in Nigeria, childless wives (be it your fault or his) are treated like the scum of the earth, and if your husband is rich, he is more likely than not, to send you packing while he finds a more fertile womb (or a chic who is sharp enough to present him with a child even if its not his...sic).
So, I find that the message his union with Patience is sending to me and hopefully to the Nigerian public, to nasty in laws everywhere is, ‘If I loved her despite…’, ‘If I treat her as my right hand woman’, ‘If I treat her as my queen’ then why can’t you do that to your wives?

Last but not the least…..there were scathing comments that the kids were born of a second wife/girlfriend/test-tube/surrogate mother/adopted, whatever. Isn’t that the reason why we have a myriad of assisted reproductive technologies, to help couples such as this? And really how is it our business? They are blessed with 2 beautiful kids..end of story!

Some people should just get their heads out of their fallopian tubes.


  1. Couldnt have put is better myself...and I wont try.
    Well said
    They look fab....I now beg Uncle Johnny to make Naija better. Just a little ...

  2. I don't know if i believe the kids are not his. Anyway, i agree with what you are saying. He just needs to start working on the things that are actually important to us.

  3. They absolutely are a beautiful family. Patience is stunning and so powerful looking. As for the children, it's not the sperm or egg that's important. It's the loving home and these kids look happy and loved so people should just be happy for them. Thanks for explaining a little about Nigerian life and politics.

  4. i love the sentiment. With the number of women who have problems conceiving, shame on us for downing other folks that have done what they could to create a family. Why do women do this to ourselves?

  5. They are a beautiful family and you can see love in that photo. You have such good sense, Ginger. I hate that people feel the need to say hurtful and unkind things. Where is the good that comes from that? Whether the children are born of the Mom or not, if she raises them, they are hers.

  6. Well written Ginger. I also like the path that Goodluck seems to be following. If citizens will learn from him and go back to work on the family unit, things will improve. I also pray that he is able to at least solve some "plessing umblerric" issues we have * i cracked up when i read that, I just had to use it*. Shame to the vipers on blog ville who just like to bring down people with their vile comments.

  7. as far as i'm concerned, he's thje best nigerian president in recent years. people shld stop being bitter and jst support him jor. i still feel there are better people that cld make good presidents, but jonathan aint bad. Who cares if his children arent patience's kids.
    are u still goin to guest blog for me? *blinks puppy dog eyes*

  8. Hey Ginger, i never thought of it like that- this is the first First family that has looked so united and uncomplicated. I think those rumors about the kids not being Patience's aren't true- see how the boy even looks like her sort of; see their eyes.


    P.S Hehe about the spot the difference game :p

  9. awww, luvly looking family.luvin d ijaw attire.Now's d time for him to roll up his sleeves and get to work!

  10. Thank you for commenting Blogfam and LOLsss at everybody saying he should get to work on other 'plessing' problems. I totally agree.

    But, for someone who had used a picture of Obama and family as my screen saver, it feels good to have see one of my President and family.

  11. The his boy definitely look so much like him... lol. A colleague of mine today (should be in his early 50s) said to me after I asked after his kids, "I don't have kids. My wife has a problem with giving birth". And guess what, he stayed through and true and never remarried. Wow!

    I must confess... the fact that our president is a family man is worth praising... Like we all do praise Obama. He is a good man, Jonathan Goodluck but is he a good leader? That is the question I am still asking myself.

    - LDP

  12. Time will tell, Le Professeur. Time will tell.

  13. Mr President hasn't had many good predecessors to emulate, I guess we can only hope and pray that he will set a new precedent in all things that matter.
    Nice post.

  14. Well said dear. I sincerely hope he does all he said during his campaign. Nigerians believe so much in him and i hope he doesnt disappoint.

  15. So true, Ginger. It's really nice to see our First family like those in other countries. They look good and whether the kids are Patience or not, they look loved and cared for, which is all that matters.



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