Saturday, June 25, 2011

Help! I want to be a better blog friend

Hi Blogfam,

How are you all getting on? Crazy week huh? Same here, but we survived it right? Yeah, that’s what matters.

So, I made the mistake of not checking-in online since Monday–no blog hopping, no facebook, only to sign in on Thursday to meet a deluge of mails, facebook notifications and bloggers' post updates. Golly I spent 8hrs yesterday blog hopping and I still haven’t visited all my favourite blogs. 
This post is a call for help; how do you do your blog rounds? Mom, Kitkat, Myne and NIL especially, this goes to you.

What is the best application to aggregate the blogs you read? I have tried Google-gears but it still involves opening links on different tab if you want to write a comment. Sometimes I have 20 tabs open at same time. This in turn slows down my internet speed and just makes bloghopping a chore. Is there another way? Something that works like facebook updates?

Email - For some blogs, I signed up by email and think those are the people I get back to fastest. Especially if I am online and the mail comes in, then off I go to comment. But again the post can get mixed up with other personal, junk and work mails and I forget.

Feed subscription – For some other blogs I subscribed through RSSfeeds on Outlook. That is alright mostly, but sometimes the feed and outlook don’t sync well and I don’t receive updates from a blog for 2 weeks, then I go check their site and notice I now have a backlog to go through.
For some blogs, I know them off head so I just check them on the go. but my memory is falling with age (what can I say??) and I forget till I see their comment on my page or else where then I remember how awesome they are.

Blog rolls – Aha! I don’t have a Blogroll. I tried signing up to that when I first started blogging but I must have done something wrong cause it didn’t work, so I have a list of my favorite spicy blogs (need to update that soon cause I have made some new spicy friends) on the side bar but it’s not the blogroll application which means I don’t get updates. Can somebody help please?
Till I sort that, I normally bloghop from Prism’s page or Kitkat. After commenting on their page, I check out for updates from my regular blogs(we have mutual friends) on their blogroll sigh..

Mobile Bloghopping - Is it easier when you have a phone that enables you check your mails or favourite pages like a blackberry or an Iphone? I have a trusty old beloved Nokia (don’t hate, you'll) which I browse the internet with when on the go. It’s good for reading, but making comments on it especially for sites that have CAPTCHA (Dear Adiya, I am talking you) can be off putting. Moreover half of the time, the comments don’t show when I check on my laptop. And unlike my laptop where I am automatically signed in as Ginger, on my phone I have to sign in on every page. So mostly I read a new post and wait till I get home then write a comment.

Time – I just squeeze in whenever I can. In between academic reading, after academic reading, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, on the bus.

The actual reading – I think I am a slow reader or how can you explain spending one hr reading and gbeboing on one site (reading comments with a gossipy intent). I guess I have to learn how to skim through a post and yet come up with an insightful comment. I don’t like writing ‘lovely post’ just to justify all righteousness.

Blogging peeve - I’d like to think Blogging is STILL about personal journeys. opinions. Journals. etc. A sort of more relaxed form of facebook. Even better cause readers have access to archives and can take their time to stroll through old posts, add their comments and have a feel of the person behind the blog. But now it feels like a sort of online realtime face book update status. Old news! Hot off the plate news! and there’s a pressure for readers to move with that pace.
I love reading new posts blogs but paradoxically I ‘hate’ bloggers that update daily; It’s like I’m always playing catch up, lolsssss. Don't mind my whining. I still love you all. Its just that I wonder if other people feel like this atimes?

I love reading, I love participating in the comment section, I love discovering new blogs but I think there could be a method to the madness.

How do you do it? What do you think about commenting on an old post? How do you feel when someone comments on an old post? Have you found it easy coping with blogging and other things on your plate?

p.s. And while we are at it, an Ipad or Iphone gift would bring sunshine to my life ;)


  1. I add blogs i find and like to my blog list, that way when i go on my blog i can see all the recently updated blogs in my sidebar. I don't do any other thing like email, feed subscriptions and i haven't followed a blog yet. If i add you to my blog list consider yourself followed. That's how i see it. I keep it simple and sweet.

  2. If i find an old post i think it worth commenting on, i comment on it. Even with school, i don't find it hard to blog because i'm in front of my computer 90% of the time when i'm home. I guess by 3rd and 4th when i start clinicals, it might be a different story.

    To be honest, i do a lot more reading than commenting on blogs especially when school is in session. I might have taken a 5-10min break so i have to maximize my time on here. My point is, i just do what i like. There's no method or much thought put into it.

  3. Hey Darling! I hate trying to keep up with people who post every day. Particularly when they go on and on and on. It's a pet peeve of mine and it's where I leave comments like "Nice!" and leave it at that. I do check on you at least a couple of times a week. I have time to sit and read dozens of blogs, but I really prefer postings twice a week or so. I also prefer shorter to longer because of the time it takes to read them. I probably read 40 or so blogs every day. But, if I don't agree with the author, I generally don't leave a comment at all. I think you do a good job keeping up with stuff, Honeybunch!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have actually been trying to follow you for the past one week but your follower blog did not load on my system till now. But now, I am here to stay (sticking tongue out)

  5. I have to confess I read blogs in between work tasks. Most days, I'm tooo knackered to do blog rounds at the end of the day :)))
    I also have my fave bogs on my blogroll and this helps me know who's written something new

  6. Blog rolls is how I do it oh!!! I do my blog rounds I think trice a week!

  7. whenever the network agrees,i do my blog rounds,i hate blogging on my phone,it's annoying.
    i read all the time and I leavecomments if I have knowledge of what the person is talking about,good or bad.if I don't....I shut up

  8. Blogs...Following blogs is a long thing for me, because I don't check my blogger dashboard...I can't read from work because all are censored. update your blogroll and you are good to go.

  9. LOL...I actually do the whole opening several windows on my desktop. I do major blog rounds three times a week, and do one or two catch-ups on the weekend. My blog roll and dashboard Google reader help a lot. I don't allow myself to feel pressured, I still want to take joy in blogging cos it's my decompression from the main job of writing. I do read back blogs especially when I first discover a blog, it gives me clue on the person, and determines my comments, then and going forward. I do feel like I personally know all my bloggers, and will find it easy to chat with them if we ever meet in person.

    Luckily for me, I read quickly and can skim as well. Some blogs make it easy by using subheadings and paragraphs, but short blogs are best.

    On a final note, I think you're one of the better blog friends, I love the personal notes in the comments you leave on my blog.

  10. I think most people follow and comment on blogs via their blogroll. It is definitely time consuming and there's no two ways about it.

    If your bloglist widget is playing up, go to the 'design' tab of blogger on your dashboard, remove and replace the old bloglist with a new bloglist widget which you can also find on blogger. You can then add the urls of the blogs you want on your bloglist. Remember to save each time you add a blog to the list.

  11. I do more of reading then commenting, especially the short ones, and any other with interesting topics. Its become a daily routine for me between 8-9pm when kids have gone to bed. on the average, I read between 20-25 blog updates daily via my dashboard and google reader. Am learning the art of blog commenting.
    Using my phone is a no no- too tiny characters and hurting to my neck.

    I think you are doing well already.

  12. It feels good to know there's someone else that has some of the same issues as me... *sigh of relief* I find myself wishing I knew Myne and NIL's "strategy" cos I see them leaving real comments and not just "lovely post" on most blogs and I wonder how they do it.

    Between keeping up with the munchkins, sewing, housekeeping, errands etc etc, I think blogging should be fun, as opposed to a chore with "rules and regulations", so no hard and fast rules for me. What works for each person should be just fine...
    Keep writing, I'll keep reading :o)

  13. lol to be a gbeborun requires kills = reading quickly lol and getting the gist of the matter which sometimes means you don thave to rea dit all, except you really want to..

    plus i do the whole opening tabs thing BUT i have days when I just dont have time to blog or blog hot. Saturday was my blog cachhing up time, a week's worth of blog catch up and slowly but sur I can now say i am finally one day behind :)!

    good luck.

  14. Spicy Ginger I feel you. I've been missing in action lately but what I usually do is to check my blogroll as well as opening several tabs of blogs that come to mind at that point in time :-)Thanks to Google Chrome which is faster than other browsers (for me o!). On my phone I use Google reader. I've missed ya...will add 'request for ipad' to my prayer points

  15. I don't know how they do it either!! Honestly, i don't check my blogroll for 2 days and when i log in, it's like i've missed 2 weeks!! I totally get you on the blogs that update more than once everyday! How do they want people to keep up? lol. Couple this with bad internet connection! I must spend an hour on just 5 blogs.

    So, no advice from over here cause i'm suffering too lol! I'm still totally in love with my Blogfam though :D


  16. Oh... I like this. I've struggled with finding an application that'd help too in one way or the other. For me, now that I'm writing up my thesis is the most difficult of times to blog or even do blog rounds but I know it's something I enjoy doing so I make time for it at least once a week, especially for my favourite blogs.

    Google reader helps but I just don't seem to get a hang of it somehow. I don't know why. Maybe cos I've not taken time to actually learn the art of using it though.

    But surely, I love to comment on blogs. I don't like reading and not penning down my say; that's just me. I feel you!

    - LDP

  17. I also noticed the instant nature of commenting on the internet these days but that's unworkable for me because i just don't have the time to do that. I update and read other blogs when i can give a block of time over to it. So i just go at my own pace and often you'll find me commenting after everyone else has left the building :). I don't mind though because i like to clarify my thoughts before i put something down but the downside is that i can't cover so many blogs.

    Interestingly, i'm more likely to comment if i disagree with something in the post or if i feel there's a point that has not yet been made by others.

  18. I hear ya! The summer for me is hard because I'm not indoors as much. I just squeeze it in as much as I can. I actually now keep a document with all of the links to all of my favorite blogs and I just click on each link to get me really quick to the ones I love. That works for me.

    Ps...I love any and all comments whenever they happen. LOL!

  19. I add blogs to my blog roll, the ones I like. I also click on my blog visitors to see if they have blogs(i kinda pay back the visit), lol and if i like I add too. Also I get recommendations alot cuz I ask for, especially when I feel I want more than what my list is giving me. LoL--See me writing sources as if na exam! LoL

    Ipad I think as opposed to an iphone. Honestly I dont even have a reason to back this up. LoL

    So since you showed interest on my blog in regards to the story by multiple writers, it is my honor to inform you(LoL--y am I so dramatic tho?), that The story by multiple writers has started, visit my blog and drop a line or two!(honestly, I'd like more:)

  20. Thank you all tfor the comments. first of, a sigh of relief to know I am not the only one out there who finds it difficult occasionally to juggle work on my plate.
    @Madame Sting - I love your 'simple and sweet' method. I am in front of my computer a large percentage of the time too. But find it difficult to drag myself away from blogger when I start reading; at the detriment of Acada!

    @Mom - 40 blogs a day? Oh my days. I prolly do the same if I check. No wonder I dont read novels no more. Thank you Mom.

    @Ilola - Thanks Gal. Following you back.

    @NIL- You blog at work? I think I will get the sack if I do. Some blogs are plain distracting :)

    @Sisi Yemmie - Nobody has told me how this blogroll works oo ):p

    @Gretel - lol@shutting up when you dont know what the post is about. Wisdom!

    @Lara - Thanks for commenting love. will have to try that blogroll thingy again..sigh

  21. @Myne- the Master..abi Mistress Blogger herself speaks. Thanks for the compliment. I do some of the things you mention; reading old posts to get a feel of the person and commenting accordingly. I think I will try doing my blog rounds at specific intervals in a week. Its just that I hate arriving late at the party :(

    @Adura - finally. Thanks for the tip!! Will do.

    @Nutritionalert -thanks of rcommenting dear. I am taking the tip of restricting the time I do my blogrounds. Well done Mom!

    @Gbemi - freestyle bloger huh? norrin do you my Sister!

    @angelsbeauty - you are now One day behind? dancing for you!!

    @Vyvyka- My own person. From your mouth to God's ears about the Ipad. Amen.

    @Adiya - feel the love darling. Hugs. We shall overcome bad internet connection..Amen!

    @Prof - If our brains team up maybe we can come up with a great blog application huh? when you are ready just call.

    @Culturesoup - LOL at 'when everyone has left the building. Thats so discouraging. you just wonder if commenting is worth the effort.

    @Climb2nowhere - bloggin in this wonderful weather can be so hard. you just wanna play in the sun dontcha. lolss

    @Giagerry _ I wont turn up my nose at an Iphone or Ipad o. And the story idea is soo fresh :) great job there!

  22. I can also relate to trying to cope up with bloggers who seem to have all the time in the world to have new blog post every hour errr everyday.

    Also, with or without Ipad or Iphone, I hope you will still continue turning on that sunny glare.

  23. The people I read most often are those, like you, who have their URL linked up to their blog when they leave a comment, so I can just click on their name and visit right back. Then I have some people in my sidebar who I've exchanged buttons with. If I notice that a blog is featuring my button, I always return the favor. Last I have my blog roll on my "dashboard." I don't have it on my blog because, like you, I attempted that once and let's just say it was a big FAIL. So I'll go through my dashboard at least once a week and try to catch up with all my regular readers and stop by some newbies, as well. And I'm with you and Linda on the people who post every single day. As much as I may love some of them, I can't make it every single day. I try not to feel guilty about that. As for me, I post once or twice a week unless something urgent happens that I just have to put out my two cents on.

    This blogging thing is a lot of work. No doubt. But the rewards of meeting so many great people from all over the world keeps me coming back.

  24. NNe, when you figure this out let me know. I disappear for one week and its like i left for one year!

    IMO I try to hit the favorites and constant updaters (like you)the rest I get to when I have free time.

  25. Its good to know that this is a common issue among most bloggers. For me, my blog list, RSS feeds and Google reader help a lot in keeping up with blog updates. I wish there are other applications that can help with this. Being able to comment on blogs using the Google reader wouldnt be a bad idea

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