Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Overdue Thank you post

Forgive me dear Lord for I have sinned,

This was not the agreed date for me to write this post. I promised to write this thankful post at the beginning of the month.
But I reneged and attempted to blackmail you. I told you that I needed it to be a more rounded post. One filled with achievements and tangible successes. So I waited till I finished my exams (3 June), then I said I will write it after I get a job and/or after I hear from XYZ school.

But I have cut ties with Mr. Procrastinator and I shall say Thank you Lord in the midst of my friends for everything You have done. For using so many materials and mediums and people to bring peace and happiness to your daughter.

Thank you for Summer. After all my complaints about Winter's cold, It is truly wonderful to feel the warmth of the Sun again. Thank you.

Thank you for the job I had in April. It was only 6 weeks, but it came just when I most needed it, with the most amazing team members and Coordinator.
Thank you for all the wonderful people I met and interacted with during the job and especially for those who took out time to call my office to testify that I was the most charming staff they had met. Thank you.

Thank you for successfully finishing my exams. You know of the crisis I had 3 days to my paper which nearly destabilized me, but you answered me and I was able to go on till I finished. Thank you.

Thank you for the love of family. For their constant calls and words of comfort and support. It seems we are closer now, than we were when I was in Nigeria. Please continue to bless them and keep them for me. Thank you.

Thank you for bringing me into the midst of this loving group of young Nigerian families living in Durham. It has been wonderful meeting and relating with adults, eating semovita and oha soup and playing with their beautiful children. Thank you.

Thank you for my girlfriends and boyfriends IRL in Durham and abroad. Who worry about me. Who call me, chat with me, skype and make me forget we are a thousand miles apart. Thank you.

Thank you for my Blogfamily. It’s amazing that I was active on blogger more during my exams than after it. Reading their blog posts were great distractions in the midst of my crisis. They made me laugh, rave, cry. They shared their lows, they shared their triumphs, they shared the banal....but it didn’t matter the content it was just wonderful to be in a space that positively vibrating with love and humanity, to be anonymous and yet not anonymous. Thank you.

Thank you for all my followers –friends those who lurk, those who know me IRL but keep my identity, those who take their time to comment. Old, new. Young, old, writers, workers, students. I am always in awe like what made them come here, read, comment and click that button? May they never run out of ideas. And may they find the same joy and comfort I find online. Thank you.

Thank you for the bloggers I have met off blog. They know themselves. For making me laugh, for lending your ears, for sharing your knowledge, for sharing your experiences, for helping me forget. Thank you.

Thank you for a dissertation topic that speaks to me and fires my blood. May it lead to a publication, to opened doors to a degree with Merit (somebody say Amen!) Thank you.

Thank you Lord for the job I am about to get. I know the employer has inked down my name for an interview. I know he can’t understand why he is being compelled to choose my name but he will obey nonetheless. May s/he not wake up from the trance till the invitation is sent and the offer signed and sealed (now that s my kind of Jazz!). THANK YOU.

Thank you for my friend’s 2 yr old son who decided to show me PDA last Sunday. He had always rebuffed my attempt to carry him, but last Sunday as I walked into the Church vestibule, he sighted me from afar, turned on this beatific smile at me, and scrambled off his mum’s lap to run to me. Lord, you knew I was feeling downright unloved and rejected that morning as I walked into your house. But, you came to me in the form of a 2yr old boy to make me realize that you hadn’t forgotten me, that you were glad to see me. I hope you weren’t embarrassed by my shower of kisses and gratitude (I know the little boy was). Thank you.

For these and the million smaller details I cannot remember here, please accept my heartfelt thank yous.

It’s your daughter,


  1. awwww.this is soo sweet! so many things we forget to be thankful for...

  2. ohh ginger u r like a candy....
    so sweet.

    delectable post !!!!

  3. Dear Lord, for all you have done for Ginger, and for the many more blessings on the way, I join her in saying 'Thank you Lord.' Sweet post :)

  4. Sweet post G, the last part made me cry a little, in a good way.

  5. *Shouting* AMEN
    Like Madge, the last part got me. Kids are sooooo sweet and they dont hold back their affection

  6. awww *hugs*! I pray it all works out with the job.

  7. This was so beautiful..


  8. Beautiful!! Me too i have to say mine oh! Thank You Lord!!


    Lol at attempting to blackmail Him

  9. yup! it is always good to give thanks. We get caught up with so much going on that we forget to give thanks.

  10. I thank God with you o, and I hope that all the remaining prayers will be answered, Amen.

  11. This is a simply gorgeous post, Ginger! I'm so pleased you are mine!

  12. Awww!!
    Amen on that dissertation o!! Amen!

  13. Nice post! I try to be grateful for at least 5 great things in my life every day, but then I get busy and busy and busy and before I know it I'm not thinking about what I'm thankful for....So thanks for reminding me to be thankful!

  14. Awesome post!I feel so ashamed of myself for not taking time regularly to thank the Almighty as you've just done. Yeah, I breathe those short words of thanks to Him occasionally & after major victories but putting this much effort into it makes being grateful serious business- and serious business it should indeed be! Thanks Ginger;thanks a lot!

  15. Such a sweet and honest post. Probably one of the best blogs I gave read so far. Hugs xox

  16. such a sweet post,i was smiling while i was reading it.Its good to give thanks to God

  17. Amen and I rejoice and thank God with you that you have been able to cut ties with Mr. Procastinator * it is remaining me*. I loved the paragraph of the 2 year old boy. That was so sweet and that is how God really is. Using people to touch and us and hoping that we know and acknowledge that it was Him.



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