Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will She Wear Prada?

I saw this vacancy advert below, don’t know why, but it reminded me of Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in The Devil wears

Company: Bachmann and Company
Job Title: Right Hand to Well Known City figure
Closing Date: 30-Jul-2011

  • Extremely switched on ambitious assistant required to work for a well-known business woman in the City.  You will need to be a capable right hand with great communication skills and an eye for detail. Some work experience would be useful but to have initiative and a strong confident manner is absolutely essential.
  • You will be screening calls and often dealing with the enquiry
  • Building strong relationships with clients and contacts, quickly learning who's who
  • Database management - keeping the internal system right up to date
  • Organising meetings and arranging venues, arranging events, shooting, dinners, etc.
  • Researching new business opportunities and reporting your findings
  • Attending meetings with your boss - preparing and briefing and debriefing
The parts I feel that are missing:
Must 'love' snooty children
Must love dogs
Must love making coffee


  1. hehehehe....some serious The Devil wears Prada Advert...
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  2. They forgot to add.....'Must be available 24/7'....and...'Must have no life outside work'
    Have a blessed week

  3. Lol, What about 'must have on trend outfits to wear to work, last season's clothes will NOT be tolerated'

  4. Lol! 'Must love dry cleaning'; 'Must not need sleep'.

    Thanks for checking up on me hon! :*

    This Personal Assistant job is just a nice name for Slave!


  5. lol...must love snotty shindrens from where naa?

  6. LoL @ making coffee! that is for sure needed!!

  7. lol @ all the comments...and you too Ginger - why would you equate that ad to Devil wears Prada? LOL!!!

  8. Lol@ all the comments too.

    @AnodaPhase - don't mind me, there was just something about the job description especially the 'well known business woman in the City' that got my alarm ringing.

    So do you think I should apply? :)

  9. that's a job that makes me think of my hair falling out - but - if it includes free swag....hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    swag will make a girl do things ... like work for a bitch.

  10. lool some job ads are so discouraging!

  11. Find out about the Freebies, may be worth it, lol...On a serious note, well-known business women usually have enough experience to share.

  12. Ewe! No thanks, too much pressure, and crying every day guaranteed.

  13. oh, of course she must be single lol
    Seems like a great opportunity to make potentially beneficial connections though.

  14. lolz,''must have a camp mattrass in her office as we won't sleeping on the desk'' and ''must wear denims on weekends to make a statement on the company's social life''
    Ish,I rather go clean my shosh.
    Lovely blog,following now pls follow back on

  15. I absolutely loved this movie. And there's a blue Marc Jacobs handbag I saw in it that I'm still lusting after.

  16. The Devil Wears Prada was one of my all time favorite movies. Gadzooks, I would hate a job like that though.

  17. Something ate my comment. Really! That was so weird. Now I'm afraid to type it out twice because then if it shows up I will look a fool!

  18. I would not touch that job ad with a bargepole. I saw The Devil Wears Prada only a few months ago on TV. Scary boss.

  19. I love how it starts off with "extremely switched on"...who says that?

  20. You just completed the job requirement and whoever takes it must have a date either prada or the one that wears itYou just completed the job requirement and whoever takes it must have a date either prada or the one that wears it

  21. Also, "must have extremely high BS tolerant levels" LOL

    I hope with all this wahala they sha pay the person well.

  22. loool! must take devot her life to her work and boss and chop insult daily



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