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Ada Owerri - Sugabelly's language Challenge

Ada Owerri by Ginger's blog

The people of Blogville….greetings
My name is Ginger 
Sugabelly, A true daughter of the Ibos, keeper of Nigerian traditions said we should speak in our native tongue. Well, I noticed most of the Ibo bloggers are speaking with Anambra dialects (Ijekebe-that’s what other clans call people from Anambra) so I decided to give you guys some OWERRI flavor. Not that I am Owerri, my Dad is Anambra and my Mom is Owerri, but you all know Owerri women rule the home.

And I think Owerri has sweet tonal sounds (should say lyrical?)
(Listen to music playing in the background – Sunny Bobo)

I'm not sure of what I want to talk about so, I’ve decided to teach you all how we praise in Ibo/Owerri. Here we go:

Mama Bekee – Naija Mum In London. How are you..just wanna greet you o. Did you guys see how she advertised my sickle cell study form on her blog and made you all fill my form. She’s someone you can call sister anytime.

I also want to give a shoutout to my Blog Mom – Linda!! Are you listening? You are a good Mom. You take good care of me.

Sugabelly – Dey sweet dey go
Honeydame – Sweet as honey
Madame Sting – Scorpion 1 of blogville
Adiya – Tomato Jos (Tomatoes from Jos are rounded, unblemished, sweet and juicy)
Lucidlilith – She’s someone you can take anywhere (Represents) how are you? Is Turtle looking after you?
Myne Whitman – Atala’s Mine. She’s a strong one. Dey write dey go
AnonOma  – Beautiful chic, I know you are cracking up where you are. I am laughing at myself too.
First daughter of Owerri – Nigerian Mom Abroad – This is dedicated to you.
Nitty-Gritty – Blogville’s no 1 Storyteller – Your stories dey sweet us
Le Professeur – Fount of Knowledge. So much to learn from his blog
Rethots – You too. What should I call you. Bag of Wisdom. He writes in short sentences but full of depth.
Verastic – Doesn’t need bathing (to show her beauty)
Lahrah (I once told you I had a special way of calling Lara) Fine girl
Kitkat – Mommy’s pet. How are you? Please when are you coming back from Nigeria? I’ve missed you.
MenaUkodo – Makes the guys break their necks (from starring at her) My friend Chiz told me about this, had never heard it before. You know you are a fine girl
Wealthy Blogger – Wealthy from birth (phrase made popular by DbanJ)
Strategic Chic – A refined Woman.

I have finished o.

If I didn’t call you, not because I forgot, I’ve run out of names!! I tried didn’t I?
This is Ginger again, byee byee, Look after yourselves alright. I love you all!

Special thank you to my Script Collaborators  - The Chizzy and Prof Ifeanyi
and my Feedback Team - You know your self :)
Thank you!!


  1. This your Igbo is good o. I think it's the best I've heard. We speak the same kind of Igbo, although mine never sounds like Igbo when I speak. I love this sugabelly's challenge. It is nice to hear all your voices.

  2. awwwww i love this!!!!
    made me want to learn ibo now now


    Gee thanks!

    1. You are the apple of God's eyes
    2. You are asampete pete
    3. Your blogging style is four much and written in a concise manner (easy to click and see what else she wrote)
    4. your aura atttracts joy, peace and contentment!

    (I try na)


  4. Sounds so good.....I wish i spoke Ibo

  5. LOL, too cute. I had to listen to it twice...once to see what i could understand on my own and the second to catch the things i missed lol

  6. Ha haaaaaaaa LOL Onye ara! I did mine finally *hides ooo*

  7. Prismi nne m! Nwa obioma wurukwa obioma (good heart and tailor) elee

    Laurenta: ya gaziere gi (it is well with you)

    Mena: onye ka m wu? I meela(who am i? Thank u)

    Rebirth: Nwa Chinemere, bia ma amu shi gi (the child that God cares for, come let me teach you)

    LadyNgo: ele le ya ejeghi oru (her looks make you forget work) :-)

    Madam Sting: Dokita anyi. Jisie ike(our doctor. Well done)

    AnonOma: ka m jide gi!d tailor) elee

    Laurenta: ya gaziere gi (it is well with you)

    Mena: onye ka m wu? I meela(who am i? Thank u)

    Rebirth: Nwa Chinemere, bia ma amu shi gi (the child that God cares for, come let me teach you)

    LadyNgo: ele le ya ejeghi oru (her looks make you forget work) :-)

    Madam Sting: Dokita anyi. Jisie ike(our doctor. Well done)

    AnonOma: ka m jide gi!

  8. Wow! See how my nokia phone has jumbled up my response!Wow! See how my nokia phone has jumbled up my response!

  9. I love this, typical Igbo girl...carry on

  10. Dalu. Adaeze nwam
    This your ibo is sweet and sexy to listen to. Lovely
    Thank you also for the mention.
    I am praying your research will lead to great things for you. Amen

  11. ewwooo nwanne! igbo gi a toruto o!

  12. Ele ikpe idi? LOL...

    Thank you sweetie, you're too much! Reminds me of so many radio programs back in the east, was that Ala owerri playing in the background?

  13. My darling, Ginger, of course I am listening to my wonderful daughter! I'm always keeping an eye on you, Honeybunch!

  14. noooo :'( I cant hear it!!! The internet in the flats we are put up in are quite restrictive, but I could hear sugabelly's... hmmmm is there another link to the recording?

  15. Hiya! I awarded you with the Sunshine award, go on my page to view it.

  16. You dey speak the Ibo with correct accent. haha.
    U suppose sound RAZZ jor.
    I could pick some words though. Nice once. lol

    - LDP

    PS: pls email me your address so I can send you the book you won :)

  17. Haha!! I love this! So original. Thanks Hon, so i'm tomato eh? hehehehehe :p

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  18. Shuoooo!!! I don't need to bath to show my beauty? Na you talk am oh! LOL. Never heard that phrase/otutu/greeting before. iLike!

    And I sooooo agree with you about the Owerri dialect. I blogged a little about it five years ago (

    By the way, your Igbo is sooooo good! Dang! I cannot even compete.

    P.P.S. I love Sunny Bobo! In fact, I mentioned him in my blog post.

  19. Ginger, the term 'tomato Jos' keeps ringing in my head, days after listening to you :). Catch up soon?

  20., nwanyi oma...asanwa...dalu nno...thanks for the shout out! U were speaking the ibo in a selxy manner and u did a good job. Owerri dialect is always different from the rest..

  21. @LDP - I sound razz to myself jor. but it's all love..100%

    @Vera - I no say make you no baff oo. I think Owerri is sesky too.

    lol@Joxy. I still crack uo when ever it pops up in my head. thanks dear

    @Ope - thanks love

    @Angel's beauty - I dont have any other recording anywhere else o. will check for your email and send :)

    @aeedeee - i mela nwayi oma. I meela nonyere m.

    @Myne -Yes o. It was Ala Owerri playing in the background. I love that track! Obi mu na ato m lililililiii

  22. OMG! I had goose bumps. You knocked right out of the park! Nne, you have totally put me to shame. Since coming to Amerika, na so so Engiri-Ibo I have been speaking. It is so annoying. I have no one to practice with on a day to day basis.

    If I ever do a language challenge, y'all will laugh me out of blogville

  23. Nne, you be real Ada Owerri! I hail you o! Meen, you try no be small. I'm totally proud of you!

  24. *Hitting my head against a cushioned headrest repeatedly*
    Can someborri tell me why I am just seeing this?! Please someborri...anyborri!!!
    LMAO...even though I don't understand anything you said apart from the ones in English...Your tone just dey sooo funny!! I no fit even laugh finish!
    Ginger your u biko!

  25. Lol ayee im an Owerri girl born in the US and you did gooooooooood :) Ala Owerri Kwenu!



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