Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Versatile Blogger and 10 things I love about me

So I have these amazing, down to earth and always interesting bloggers Toinlicious, Cherrychatter, DammyJewel, Stelzz and Naija4life to thank for bestowing the Versatile blogger award to me. I totally appreciate it and I think you guys are the dog’s bollocks too.

The rules of the award are:
1.  Thank the person(s) who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. (Done)
2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post. (UnderDone)
3.  List 7 things about yourself. (OverDone below)

In the spirit of the awards, if you have yet to get on to ToinliciousDammyJewelStelzzFashiondivvahNewlywedDuchessThe Blunt blogNaija4lifeDeeDee’s DigsThe New Yorker Project pages, pls check them out right now!!

Toinlicious says she is prettier than Kelly Rowlands and has the most amusing family members to boot. With a niece and nephew called Kimberly and Timberly that should give you an inkling.

Cherrychatter's blog writes lively hilarious posts about dating and a single girl's dilemma with interfering Nigerian Moms and Aunties.

DammyJewel gives us a vignette of a day in the life of a newbie residence doctor. Want to read of the surgery assistant who fainted in the middle of a surgery and was wheeled out of the theater? Click here.

Stelzz writes about her walk with God in self discovery. But when Nigeria and Canada get to her she blogs about them too.

Fashiondivvah blog is eclectic. From feminist issues to music to fashion to relationships. ohh and she loves oaks plantain chips

Innovatedbabe of Newlywed blog makes me want to marry like yesterday. The stories she tells of her marriage are so sincere and refreshing.

Duchess writes about her personal experience with disability with loads of sincerity, passion and humor.

Chintan is blunt and her words cut like a two-edged sword but lurking behind that toughness is a soft and sweet interior which she reveals to ardent followers

Naija4life doesn’t have the political or economic clout to resolve the world’s problems but believes that his pen and a determined heart can start the fight.

Deedee’s recent digs at Nigeria in her 10 things I hate about Nigeria caught my attention. Hilarious read. And you’ll know she aint lying. She’s forgiven though cause she also wrote about 10 things she loves about Nigeria.

Ria Nicole of the New Yorker project gives us anecdotal posts about New York which are mostly humorousperverse and thought provoking.

Now back to me

So this is going to be a cross between things about me and appreciating my virtues ala Myne’s post

#1 - I am adaptable. Really. I can adjust to life anywhere. Take me to Alaska and I’ll probably become more Eskimo than the Inuits. My mom used to despair at how easily I make myself comfortable in other people’s homes. Be it a palace or a hut. As long as I can find love and warmth there…..

#2- I am a magnet for children because the agbaya child in me is irrepressible. Sometimes I think it confuses children. One minute I am scolding, the next, I am the pretend donkey and you are riding piggy on her back and dancing to the Mickey mouse club theme song.

#3 - I love books. I love reading. Each book is like an unopened gift pack. The writer’s style, the plot, the characters are all ingredients which add up to a perfect muffin or vomitus. While other girls dream of future kitchens and children’s rooms, I dream of my own home library.

#4a - I can’t tell lies. I find it difficult to lie. The few times I do, I’ll probably confess by night before harm is done or trip myself up. To help myself, I am learning how to tell people ‘it’s none of your business’ when they ask me personal stuff which really isn’t their business anyway – rather than lie.
#4b - I don’t flatter. A corollary of my inability to tell lies. So believe me when I say ‘you are beautiful, awesome or write amazingly. It is sincere.

#5 - I am wise with money. I believe in saving up for things and weighing opportunity costs but unlike the ‘Silas Manners’ of the world, I also know when to let go and have some fun. In fact that is the ultimate incentive of penny pinching: being able to ‘treat’ myself.

#6 - I am loyal. I will stick with friends through betrayal, lies, ill treatment, gossip and postpone calling it quits for as long as I can. But when I say it is over…it is.

#7 - I forgive and forget. Now read the last sentence of #6 again.  Do you see a problem? lol.  I have sincerely kissed and hugged ‘sworn enemies’ then when I get home I think, ‘but I shouldn’t have hugged him/her. I shouldn’t even be talking to him/her. Why? Errrrr I can’t remember. Sometimes I think I should keep a journal.
Anyway that’s for friends. For boyfriends that broke my heart…I have an elephant’s memory.

#8 - I love my legs. I think they are the hottest bits about me.

#9 - I love spur of the moment plans/trips/holidays. I hate planning things to death. Urghh. Eg. Weddings. If I could, I’ll elope like Okeoghene. Seriously. Thinking of 6 months of marriage counseling and booking halls and catering just makes me break out in hives. Too much drama plzzzzzzz.

#10 - I love to fantasize. My favourite sexual fantasy (err don’t you have one?) is my mom walking in on my hubby and I making love, in my bedroom, in my parents’ house on a Sunday morning and I raise my head long enough to scream, “Mom, we are busy!!!!”. And she mumbles a quick apology and closes the door. Orgasm!!


  1. yes gurl...your legs are fire indeed! I co-sign with you on #1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8! That your number 10 get as e be! LOL...what the heck?! may she catch you in the act, amen!

  2. God Baby! There are 100 things I could list that I love about you! And yes, you have gorgeous legs! But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

  3. What in thee hell @ #10 Ginger?!? LOL. Anywho, i am the complete opposite of #9, i hate when there is no well thought out plan. Even for pleasure trips. I have to have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup plan for my backup plan!

  4. OMG!!! #10 would most definitely by my NIGHTMARE ...LOL!Like they say, one man's meat is another's poison. As par your legs...I say, "You work it, girl! Niiiice". I'm liking much #6. I think it's hard to get that nowadays. Keep it up!

    Popped over to say Thankyou for stopping over at my blog and adding valuable comments to my post. I'll be back to visit here. Promise!

  5. Your legs are hot o, okpa oku like we would've said in school, lol. Your ikebe no bad too :)

    I hate planning things to death too, thank God Atala got that. As for #10, are you kidding me?

  6. Nice legs...gotta insure that!
    Yes to number 1 :-)
    ayam scared of number 10..that will be like a death sentence oh..abeg

  7. your legs are fyne o.
    that your no 10 enn, you are ON YOUR OWN.

  8. Hot legs, girl! I'm a loyal friend too but once I have cause to detach, no amount of velcro will stick it back. I could have written your list - apart from number 10 oh. LMAO!!!! If my mum catches me, it will put me off $%&* for LIFE!!! Her voice in my head will make me feel like sandpaper which would be road closed indefinitely. You are weird in a nice way and so sassy! Go girl!

  9. You wont even pity the bobo? How would he face her afterwards hehn? #WayTooAwkward!

    I love books too, they are the best investment! I like to plan, plan and plan, its some sort of a morale booster!

  10. You guys are cracking. Thanks for agreeing with me that the legs are hot!! I was once called wooden legs in school cause friends thought it was too straight :( but along the way it developed some nice curves..we thank God. :)

    Why is #10 cracking you all up? I guess its the joy of legal sex. Think of it: Sunday morning/ before mass/in my parents' house. What??!
    All you need to do is EXCHANGE HUBBY FOR BOYFRIEND then you can understand where i am coming

  11. Anyaposh: prayer received. wink wink

    Mom, you are one morale booster!! I adore you too. Thank you.

    LadyNgo: back up for a back up? Back off!! I like it simple. and cause I am good at winging it if it doesn't work out, I'll think up of something.

    LD you are most welcome. I'm updating my list to add ya.

    Luciano: Welcome Luciano. Thank you :)

    UnveilingGold: death sentence ni. ko. Just lock the door and fire on. lol

    Myne: Ikebe? Not Dunni's proportions I'll wager. Thank you very prettily.

    PET: lol. I didn't think of my traumatised Boo. Ok. Maybe I'll reconsider. Though I think he should be proud that the parents have now confirmed his virility. :p

    Adura: Now that is my favoritest compliment. Being called weird in a nice way. Seriously. Thank you.

  12. LWKMD!10 o. i canjust imagine my mom going "lift that side up, u'll enjoy it better" b4 walking out. #ikidyounot. she's crazy like that.

    #6, you are very very rare lady. i tend to let things go easily but that 1ce bitten thing....

    @dog's bollocks, never heard that b4 actually. i have to use that soon :-)

  13. LMAO....on #10, my own has to do with the in-laws so picture a conversation like this.."ehn mama, u want a grandchild ehn? No wahala...Oya, bobo, make we go. Mama, please gives us about an hour. Make yourselves comfortable in the interim".

    #1 is cracking me up so bad...I can imagine that your mum must have been horrified at some. point.
    I love babies too buh biko, only fine babies should apply. I seriously pray God wont use that to punish me.
    I love the allusion to Silas Marner

  14. Hmmm na wa o. These your 10 things sef, especially #10.... lol

  15. NAUGHTY GINGER!!!!!!!!!!
    #10 is just... make I keep quiet! haha | that gril that is finer than Kelly Rowland, I wan go see am, abeg. haha

    #1 is common to every Naija. That's the spirit of Naija! haha

    I can see your hot legs o... wait and what is that pinshure trying to show us? *evil laugh* haha

    #4b, so I shld believe the latest compliment I just got from you on my blog shey? *now blushing* haha

    I enjoyed reading this :)

    - LDP

  16. I loved this.

    Humour me, this is what I think each point reveals about you:
    #1 - You put others first and don't like causing any inconvenience to others
    #2- Like me, you love the simplicity and 'lack of intrigue' children have
    #3 - You like to escape 'in your head'
    #4a/b - You were obviously brought up around people with strong values....Catholics or Jehovah Witness???
    #5 - You have experienced - possibly while growing up - what financial stupidity can do to people
    #6 - You like to please others and you have a strong moral compass
    #7 - You believe in the ethos 'live and let live'
    #8 - True
    #9 - You would find an office (desk bound) job boring
    #10 - You are a 'closet rebel' Your mum better pray you dont marry a tatto covered, Harley Davidson driving, mutiple-pierced skinhead!

    Now, did I get any right?

  17. You and me both when it comes to books and lies.

    Also? Note to self: When someone calls you the dog's bollocks, that's a compliment.

  18. Just realized u called Tim & Kim niece & nephew, they'r both girls o. twin girls. ;-)

  19. Toinlicious: lwkm! Told ya your family belongs to a sitcom. Glad to know I've added a new phrase to your vocab. Brits would say 'Dog's bollocks. Americans might say 'the bees
    p.s. my apologies to lil Miss Timberly lol

    Honeydame: you to appreciate
    I loved the book Silas Marner as a child.

    Prism :)

    LDP: I made Prof blush..Wowza. I should pay you compliments more often :) Thank you.

    NIL: I fear you!!!!!!!!!!!! you were on the money mostly. except #10..l'm not THAT free spirited.
    About 10, a friend of mine said i have a mother sexual repression complex. I said not mother...maybe Priest. yeah Catholicism has a lot to do with it :)

    Mzchif: I well

    Margaret (NGIP): Yes it is a compliment; as distasteful as it

  20. :P I love your legs too :P
    It happens with me as well, I forgive and later I think, shite, shouldn't have forgiven!

    Thank you for the award <3 Very kind of you...


  21. That is some interesting fantasy..... Ever broached the subject with your mum as to what she would do if it ever happened?

    Quite a few blogs you've linked to too.. Will head on there too..

  22. You most def have a hot set of pins! I enjoyed reading this list especially no 10 but i'm not sure about the parents' house part. Hmm.

    PS: if NaijamuminLondon is going to go analysing people, i might be tempted to do this thing. I love being analysed.

  23. LMAO!! Ginger you are SO funny! See number 10 lol! This was a good read. I've got so much reading to catch up on :D

    Muse Origins

  24. It's amazing how this award has allowed us to know other bloggers a bit more personally. Your sexual fantasy left my mouth wide open but it was nice to see your naughty side :)

  25. LMAO, your #10 is hilarious. I can forgive friends easier than old boyfriends too. For them, I also have a major elephant's memory.

  26. aww girl, you have quite a way with words. it seems like we have a number of things in common. lol @ your number 10. i cant even imagine twas nice reading about you....and hot legs by the way :-)

  27. Thanks for the mention Ginger. I love your 10 lists and can totally relate (even with No.10)

  28. I love and love all the stuff you said about yourself girl and can totally relate to them but the No.10 bit got me laughing seriously. And your legs are hot and you are one pretty 'nwa ada'
    Yes, I am a loyal friend too. Its crazy. I would rave and rave but the friend would know that i would eventually forgive him or her. But when it's over, it so is. I can easily adapt too.
    I had so much fun reading this.
    PS; I sent you an e mail.

  29. A belated admiration of your legs here...they are very lovely indeed! Have a good week, ma'am!

  30. Ginger Hot Legs! First of all, thanks for the mention. I like the self love jare but I found myself vehemently shaking my head going mba!about the planning. I can over plan! I pan the minutest details of my day.Lady Ngo and I are so similar with the plan A, B, C, D sometimes even up to G sef. I like to prepare for every eventuality. great read as usual hun.

  31. Hawt legs Ginger, you and I are kindred spirits on #3. As for #10, you are on your own, lol.

  32. Ginger u are a bad somebodi

  33. U need to teach me numbr 5! As for number 10 you are a special someborry! Lmao!!! Looool! U have finished me!

  34. You're hilarious! #10 would definitely be more of a nightmare for most but it's hilarious it's an orgasm for you! Loved your list!

  35. OMG, i could not stop, your number ten especially. me thinks your legs are hot too. loving your blog to bits so am following.



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